Worlds Apart – From Countryside to Camden

April 28, 2017 Lifestyle, Travel

Living in London has opened up a whole new world to me, a world of endless exploration, culture and life. I have long loved my home in the country surrounded by rolling fields, sheep and winding lanes but as I’ve grown I have felt a longing for something more, something new and exciting.

I’ve been fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of North London, just a stop on the tube away from the vibrant Camden Town. Worlds apart from my sleepy village in the country where the shops shut promptly at five and the pubs call last orders by half nine. Camden is a beautiful borough full of excitement and eccentricity, the famous market providing you with the opportunity to support local sellers and purchase some one of a kind gifts as well as to eat some truly sensational street food.  There is an eccelctic mix of people and styles, it is a place for expression, flare and creativity.

When my mum came to visit me earlier last week I jumped at the opportunity to take her, to show her the buzzing hub that I had so fallen in love with. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, Camden was in full weekend swing with residents and tourists alike descending on its bars and restaurants to soak up the sun with a pint or two.

First, we sat on the upper walkway at Lockside Camden, overlooking the bustling food vendors, sipping cocktails and soaking up the sun. With a birds eye view of all the street food below, it was the perfect place to watch the world go by.

Descending down amongst the intoxicating smells of the street food, we walked across to The T.E Dingwall building this time sipping a cocktail directly overlooking the water. A beautiful location but sadly a poorly trained barman producing some very strange concoctions (served in a wine glass?!) Here we watched the locks open for a passing narrow-boat, the water rushing in to fill the void, and the levels rising and falling all as if by magic.

Getting rather hungry the next stop on our magical tour was Cookies and Scream an absolutely amazing bakery serving up tantalising treats, milkshakes and sundaes, all 100% gluten and dairy free! Coming at such a late time in the day meant that the stocks were running pretty low, but we managed to get a hold of a wonderful chocolate and orange brownie. Slightly warmed the flavours really popped, the chocolate not overly sweet like shop bought free-from brownies and the orange intensity was just right to make the whole thing taste like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I’ve visited this place more times than I’d like to admit, their salted caramel and cookie dough milkshakes are a dream and I can’t wait to try their doughnuts.

Refuelled and our sweet tooth satisfied, we crossed the footbridge to sit under the shade of the willow trees, this time enjoying an ice cold glass of Pimms. We sat and watched the canal boats float by and the bustling Camden crowd prepare for the night ahead. The river banks were full with smiling faces, everyone making the most of the warm spring day and the beautiful scenery.

As the sun started to set we left the beautiful Camden hive of activity behind, my mum had seen my world, the world that I am determined to stay in… and she approved 🙂

Sophia x




  1. Hey Sophie!

    I’m glad your mum enjoyed Camden! It’s always good when our family gets to see that we’re doing well, living far away from home. How long ago did you move, and did your family protest at all? Were there little comments from your friends still in your sleepy little town about you leaving?

    I moved from Chicago to Munich back in 2015. Last year, my family visited in September to tour around the city and see where I moved to, 5000 miles away!

    My mom was so very happy to simply see that I was living well here in Munich. It’s not that we have some amazing apartment, it’s that we (my girlfriend and I) have made a home here. Our apartment is cozy and nice, the city is welcoming and beautiful, and our quarter has everything we need. Mom was super happy to realize all that and see it for herself. 🙂

    All the best from Munich.

    • Sophia says:

      Hey Tom!,
      My family have always been so supportive and no I haven’t experienced any comments from friends either. I moved to London for university three years ago and now as I’m about to graduate have decided to put down some roots here. 😀 xx

  2. Halima Khan says:

    This is such a lovely post! I’ve passed through Camden but not really explored it. Maaaaan, I’d love to live in London, you are living the dream girl. Up north, it’s a bit stale 🙁



  3. Christine says:

    Wow…this looks absolutely fantastic! What a great post with beautiful pictures! Good for you and enjoy every minute of it. As a teacher, this is an amazing learning experience in life.

  4. tom says:

    Cool post! I used to live in London as well and from deep country! Londn wasn’t for me though, the countryside (cows) were calling

  5. Steph says:

    Aww, this is bringing back ALL the feels! It looks like you had a lovely time, Sophia!

    I went to London for the first time in March, which obviously meant a stop off at Camden! It’s such a lively and bustling strip of London!

    Camden truly offers more than just a place. It offers an experience.

    Very glad your mom approved!


  6. Melissa says:

    I want to go to London soon! So many things too see.

    xx, Melissa

  7. Emma Shearer says:

    I’ve only been to Camden once but always a friendly atmosphere and enjoyable experience.

  8. Lea says:

    Camden is on my list to for cities to be visited! I heard a lot about it and it sounds rather lovely.
    Lea, xx

  9. Claire says:

    The pictures in this post are so lovely! I’d love to visit Camden!
    Claire xo

  10. Lizz says:

    What a lovely post, makes me miss hanging out down Camden! Used to be there a lot when I lived in London x

  11. Chelsea says:

    The photos in this post are gorgeous, I love them, I want to go to London, only been once before and I need to go again. I live in the city of Plymouth so a little distance but want to go and travel around London more as a blogger too!xx

  12. Tiffany says:

    Need to visit Camden one day, it looks lovely. Your photos are so pretty 🙂

    Tiffany x

  13. Natonya says:

    Camden sounds like so much fun and that chocoloate orange brownie sounds delicious!!! Great and entertaining post 🙂 O btw you are super pretty, reminiscent of Leighton Meester <3

  14. Natonya says:

    Camden sounds like so much fun and that chocolate orange brownie sounds delicious!!! Great and entertaining post 🙂 O btw you are super pretty, reminiscent of Leighton Meester <3

  15. NAMELESSJEFF says:

    Looks like you had so much fun. I really wanna go there someday, it’s soooo beautiful!


  16. abbeylouisarose says:

    Aw wow, it’s so great to hear that you’ve made the transition to big city living work so well! I originally hail from a small farm on the rural Norfolk / Suffolk border, where our nearest neighbours are half a mile away! Transporting myself into uni life in bustling Oxford certainly was a big change but I absolutely love it here and don’t really wanna leave! Looks like you and your Mum had some gorgeous weather for her visit, so glad you both enjoyed yourselves!

    Abbey 😘

  17. Camden is easily my favourite area of London, it’s all just so weird and wonderful! The food and drinks market is so big there’s always something for everyone!

  18. That all looks so yummy! What a lucky duck! 🙂

  19. I’ve always wanted to go to Camden!!Looks like you had such a great time and the photos look amazing!

  20. Rebecca says:

    I love Camden! It’s so eclectic and there’s always a great mix of people, looks like you got really nice weather for it too. I also really want o try out Cookies & Scream!

  21. Tereza says:

    I can totally relate to you what it’s like going from the country to the city – I moved from a village of 10 people in the Czech countryside to Birmingham here in the UK. One day I was running through a forest and the next I was sat at Victoria square looking at MILLIONS of people haha! That was back in 2008 and I’m still in a bit of an awe from it all! I’ve been to Camden before with my other half and definitely want to go back – there’s never enough time to explore all the little nooks in that place! xx

  22. Helene says:

    Wonderful pictures Sophia! The place looks fantastic! Enjoy your new life in the big city, i am sure you gonna love every single day.

  23. molly says:

    that cookie bar looks fab!

  24. charlie says:

    What a lovely place!, Your photography is fab! xx

  25. Chloe Spacey says:

    I’ve been in London 6 months but I’m yet to explore Camden properly. I can’t wait to check it out after reading this. Especially the gluten free bakery!

    Chloe x

  26. Claire says:

    Trip looks amazing! Those cocktails look soooo good! Perfect weather.. 🙂

  27. How lovely! Looks like you are having fun and the photos are beautiful!

    xox Christie

  28. maria says:

    awe I love how the lifestyle has changed for you and you’re gaining life experiences along with culture and lifestyle in a different country! I love the pics and places you’ve shared! Wonderful post!

  29. That brownie looks pretty freaking good for being gluten free and vegan! I had a gluten free and vegan cookie the other day and it tasted like sand lol. What a gorgeous spot for an afternoon with mom!

    • Sophia says:

      Yes, it was gorgeous! Their cookies are great too, sticky and gooey! I think it’s because they’re fresh and not baked to death!! haha x

  30. James says:

    Good read. I love being taken on a journey. You say the “concoctions” were strange. Did they at least taste good or “get the job done?

  31. Sofia says:

    This all looks so so so good 😀

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  32. I can’t imagine living in a city, I’m from a small town myself and I love going on days trips there, but the constant bustle is a world away from what I’m used to. Glad you like Camden though, it’s a beautiful place and I love the market!

  33. Nita Okoye says:

    I Enjoyed seeing London through your Eyes dear Sophia, thanks for sharing.

  34. fleuryogi says:

    love this post xx

  35. Talha Ishaq says:

    The place looks so alluring and you put it perfectly!

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