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  • Vegan Junk-Food Heaven – The Hope & Ruin in Brighton – A Review

    Hope and Ruin Brighton Vegan Review

    You don’t have to scroll far through my other food-related posts to see that I am very much not vegan, however, I very much could be if The Hope & Ruin cooked for me every day.

    I was introduced to this place by a friend whilst on the hunt for dairy-free, oozy, cheesy, junk food and I was not disappointed.

    Walking in, you may wonder if you’ve been transported to a drug-induced junkyard. Eclectic would be a serious understatement. I’m not sure if its the half a caravan in the corner or the dead tv’s and wires hanging from the walls or maybe the space-age installations on the ceiling but you could visit this place every day for a year and still see something new every time.

    With the whole menu 100% plant-based this is the place to be for vegan junk-food. Deep-fried, oozey, beige deliciousness without a lettuce leaf in sight. This is vegan food like no other I’ve ever eaten before, food to have a few too many pints over and to cure your hangover the next day.

    In the mood to stuff my face with as much salt and fat as possible, we ordered a fantastic spread including two variations of loaded fries (Currywurst and Fries-a-go-go), Chik’in poppers and deep-fried cheese sticks which were quite possibly the best dairy-free-cheese related item I have ever eaten.

    Hope and Ruin Brighton Vegan Review


    Hope and Ruin Brighton Vegan Review


    Hope and Ruin Brighton Vegan Review


    Hope and Ruin Brighton Vegan Review


    I could write some fancy words about complimentary flavour profiles or perhaps compliment the balance of seasoning or I could just say that this was so so bad yet so unbelievably good.

    Sitting back in our chairs, each at least a stone heavier, I tried to find some space in my stomach for a peanut butter-chocolate brownie with salted caramel ice-cream but just couldn’t make enough room.

    When my next junk food craving strikes I’ll most definitely be back and most definitely will be trying their Beelzebab Seitan Donner Kebab.


    The Hope & Ruin


    11-12 Queens Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3WA

    01273 325793



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