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  • Veg packed pasta – Eating the rainbow – Gluten free & Vegan

    Veg packed pasta – Eating the rainbow – Gluten free & Vegan


    Counting calories has never worked for me so instead this January I decided to count colours. No not skittles, plants.

    The colour of plants holds a delicious secret, phytonutrients. These phytonutrients have a host of health benefits and are often what is responsible for giving plants their pigment. Therefore, to ensure you’re getting a variety of as many of these nutrients as possible it’s wise to be eating as many colours as possible.

    I love vegetables but sometimes thinking up ways to get more in can be challenging. As a result, I’d found that recently I had turned back to processed foods, things that were quick to put in the oven and very, very beige.

    The ‘Eat the Rainbow’ series will explore everyday recipes that I’ve been cooking to eat a variety of colour. Starting with this vegetable pasta.

    This, quite possibly, is one of the most versatile recipes I have ever made. You can put literally any vegetable you have to hand in it. You can also change the base sauce to a creamy sauce by using almond milk and making a basic white sauce.



    On this occasion, I used mushrooms, onion, spinach, sweetcorn, red pepper and tomato. If you have peas to hand, throw them in, don’t like red pepper? Put in what you do like. All stirred together in a tomato based sauce et voila. Dinner is served. I like to add chilli powder and some Herbs de Provence to liven up the flavour but you can add whatever herbs or spices you prefer.



    Additionally, to add some variety, you can also make this as a pasta bake, as I did this time. I sprinkled over a hand full of dairy-free cheese and put it in the oven until the top had melted and gone slightly crispy.

    Another trick for picky eaters is to chop things very small. I personally am not the biggest fan of red pepper, but when I chop it nice and tiny and cook it down with the onions I don’t even notice it’s in there.

    To see more from the Eat the Rainbow series make sure to subscribe, you’ll find an email subscription box to the right on the desktop and towards the bottom on mobile. 




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