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  • My updated skincare routine – cruelty free – Pai

    Pai skincare Review

    Finding a brand that you love is like finding that perfect corner seat in a cafe. Once you’ve found it you wonder how you lived without it! Pai has been that brand for me. Now I warn you now I’m no skincare guru, in fact, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to skincare and makeup, so the product has to be easy to apply and actually work for me to bother making the effort with it.

    It was 18 months ago that I first spotted a Pai advert whilst waiting for my morning tube, intrigued by the name and enticed by the discount I headed to their website. Shortly after I purchased my first Pai product the Rose Hip Oil and taken by the quality very quickly began building my Pai skincare set.

    My original Pai review can be found here but I felt it was time to update you on my current set of products and how I’ve found them over the past 18 months.

    For whatever reason I consider my skincare routine to start in the evening when I shower and to end in the morning when I put on my makeup, so I hope this isn’t too confusing.



    Pai skincare Review cleanser and exfoliator

    The first thing I do when I get home from work is to take a shower and remove my makeup – I turn the shower on and wait for it to warm up, whilst it reaches a near scalding temperature I rub a small amount of the Camellia and Rose Hydrating Cleanser all over my dry face, as I step into the shower I take my cloth from on top of the rail and wet it with the warm water. Then as you would with any cleansing wipe I remove my makeup, before showering the rest of my body as normal. I always used to be a big fan of the Simple cleansing wipes but never felt as though my face was truly clean, since using the Pai cleanser and cloth my skin always feels pristine when I step out of the shower and ready to take in any product I choose to apply.

    Pai skincare Review cleanser and exfoliator

    This cleanser comes in two sizes, 100 and 200ml, I always opt for the larger tube as I use it every day and it works out as better value for money. Using a Malteaser sized amount I have found 200ml to easily last me 3 or so months and I never tire of its lovely, gentle, rose scent. The muslin cloth provides a gentle exfoliation with one side and a soft flannel with the other, making it perfect for regular use.



    With gentle daily exfoliation from the Camellia and Rose cleanser I only use the Kukui and Jojoba Bean Skin Brightening Exfoliator once a week or so, usually on the weekend when I have more time. For best results, this thick sticky exfoliator should be applied to clean, dry skin and then moistened to turn it into a beautiful cream. Because I’m lazy and only cleanse in the shower I reach for a towel and pat my hands and face dry before applying a small amount of the cleanser to my freshly clean and dry skin. If I’m faffing around I turn the shower off briefly to save water whilst I work the product into my face. When I’m ready to turn it into a cream and wash it off I re-start the shower, and as if by magic the clear gel turns into a milky cream before dissolving completely leaving my skin beautifully soft. One thing to note about this cleanser is that it contains all natural, completely spherical, beads to gently buff your skin without damaging the environment.

    Pai skincare Review cleanser and exfoliator



    My skin type seems to be perpetually dry, so I am always looking for ways to get more moisture into my skin. Introducing Pai’s latest product and the newest addition to my routine – the Back To Life Hydration Serum – with hyaluronic acid moisturising the skin from within and a combination of three Australian berries supporting the skins natural hydration balance this serum has taken my skin to the next level. I’ve been using one pump every night straight after cleansing and another when I first wake up in the morning for just over two weeks and already feel my skin is plumper and my most problem dry, flaky areas reduced. The serum sinks into the skin almost immediately and provides a great base for moisturisers and oils.

    Pai skincare Review back to life serum

    In the evening once the serum has sunk in I then reach for the product that started my Pai obsession, the Rose Hip Bioregenerate Oil. This gorgeous little bottle of magic has worked wonders regenerating my skin. If I ever have a spot that I’ve picked it heals in double time with regular use of the oil. Be warned the oil is a very bright orange colour and will transfer to clothing, towels or pillows. I apply it straight after the serum and allow it plenty of time to sink in before I go to bed. The little dropper makes it easy to apply the perfect amount and I just love the little clink the glass dropper makes when you remove it from the bottle. It’s the little things.

    Pai skincare Review Rose Hip Oil

    Pai skincare Review Rose Hip Oil

    In the mornings I probably should cleanse again, but as I’ve previously said I’m lazy and only cleanse in the shower. I wake up and re-apply a small pump of my serum, this time followed by the Avocado and Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream. Just one pump covers my entire face and the tube tends to last about a month and a half. Non-greasy yet super hydrating this moisturiser provides the perfect base for my makeup.

    Pai skincare Review Avocado Oil

    So that’s my complete skincare routine. I like uniformity and it pleases me immensely that I have found a full set of products from one brand, especially one such as Pai which is cruelty-free and uses the highest quality natural ingredients.

    You can read more about Pai’s ethos on their website here – and I’d recommend signing up to their newsletter to receive alerts as to when they have on offers and free samples that will save you some money.




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