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  • Three Things You Must Do to Protect Your Small Business

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    *This is a contributed post

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    Any entrepreneur interested in running their business professionally needs to ensure they protect their business from the wide range of issues they might encounter. Here are three things that can help you to protect your small business.

    Hire Carefully  

    As your business grows, it will become impossible to do everything yourself and you will need to hire your first employees.

    Whether you need to hire one, two, ten, or twenty, employees, it’s important to ensure that they understand your vision. Bringing people onto your payroll is a big responsibility and so it’s important to set up contracts correctly with an employment law consultant.

    Secure Your Intellectual Property

    Your company’s intellectual property is everything that you have created and includes your brand, products, campaigns, and much more. But, there is the risk that other companies might copy your approach and find success at your expense, which is why it’s so important to secure your intellectual property. 

    Small businesses can read tips that help them stay compliant, but this isn’t the only thing they can do. While you may not think you need them, NDAs and confidentiality clauses can make the difference between you keeping or losing your intellectual property.

    There is also the issue of sensitive company information such as bank accounts. Cybersecurity firms can keep this information secure when installed on your company’s system. 

    Take Out the Right Insurances

    Finally, whether you’re a start-up or a more established business, you need to ensure that you have the right business insurance. There is a broad spectrum of business insurance options that your company can explore, and what you need will depend entirely on the type of business you run. 

    Some of the most common types of business insurance to consider include:

    • Public liability insurance
    • Employers’ liability insurance
    • Personal accident insurance
    • Directors’ and Offiers’ insurance
    • Product liability insurance
    • Business equipment and office contents insurance
    • Tool insurance
    • Professional indemnity insurance
    • Self-employed and sole trader insurance
    • Commercial building insurance
    • Crime insurance
    • Cyber and data insurance

    Protecting Your Business 

    Protecting your business is one of the most important things any owner should do. From hiring the right employees to making sure their company is insured and kept safe from liabilities. By taking the time to protect your company in its infancy, you can sit back and relax whilst it grows.


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