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  • Things to remember when you decide to get a dog

    Things to consider before getting a dog

    Dogs are quite simply gods gift on this earth and I think everyone can be made a better person by owning one. But there are a few things to consider before you get a dog. The little things people often neglect. Dogs are a commitment, a lifelong commitment that can last 15 years or even more and there’s a lot to consider before bringing one into your life. 


    • Time
      Dogs aren’t put on this earth for very long, so don’t buy a dog and then waste its life by locking it away at home. There are of course times when your dog will need to be left, but if you have a full-time job and will be spending hours at a time out of the house then seriously consider whether its the right time to bring a dog into your life.
    • Grooming
      Even the lowest-maintenance dogs will need a degree of grooming from time to time to keep them healthy and in good condition. Most dogs shed and will lose their thick winter coat during the spring. Although this is a natural process for many breeds it’s not actually that natural anymore. As we’ve bred dogs for show and pedigree traits we’ve bred them to have thicker and more impractical coats, it’s therefore very important to brush your dog to help them shed and to untangle any matts that may have formed in high-friction areas such as the armpits and under the tail.
      Don’t forget to tend to your dog’s nails, many dogs don’t get the exercise they need to keep their claws worn down and as a result, they can become long and painful. Long nails can easily get caught in carpet or on clothes and cause distress to your dog. You can take your dog to the vet to have his nails clipped but they can also easily be done at home. Investing in a good quality pair of nail clippers makes the process of trimming your dog’s nails much easier. With the right tools, the clippers will easily clip through the tough nails without pulling them from the nail-bed causing pain.Things to consider before getting a dog
    • Food
      There are many different types and qualities of dog food on the market, much the same way that there’re many different types and qualities of human food. As with our food, cheaper often means poorer quality and you’ll be surprised how poor many dog foods are when it comes to nutrients. Feeding your dog a proper diet should be a priority and it may mean spending a little more than you previously thought. Although dogs survive on poor quality food they definitely don’t thrive and poor diet can cause skin irritation, irritable bowel and lethargy.
    • Exercise
      Having a garden does not mean you should have a dog. Dogs need exercise, they need stimulation and walks and to meet other dogs. Even with a huge garden, your dog will crave exploration. Excercise ties in a lot with time, you need time to walk your dog, time to exercise him and socialise him.Things to consider before getting a dog
    • Vets bills
      Even healthy dogs cost money at the vets. From vaccines to wormers, castration to expressing anal glands (yes that’s a thing) there are many things your dog needs that will cost you money. Don’t buy a dog if you cant afford what it needs to live a happy, healthy life.


    Don’t get me wrong having a dog can be the most fulfilling experience and I wholeheartedly hope you have one someday. Just think carefully about the decision and make sure you put the dog first before you decide.



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