The Vaccines – Alexandra Palace 2018 – A review

April 15, 2018 Favourites, Review
The Vaccines 2018

A hoarse throat and a slightly tender head, the telltale signs of a fantastic evening singing away at the top of your lungs to song after song by your favourite band.

The Vaccines 2018

As the final performance of the Vaccines tour supported by Dream Wife and Whenyoung, it was bound to be an energetic and electric show.

I’ve been a fan of the Vaccines from their very beginning and it only took a single note signalling the start of Wetsuit to send the crowd into chaos. What a feeling it must have been to stand on that stage at Alexandra Palace and have over 10,000 people sing your lyrics back to you.

Tune after tune from their latest album ‘Combat Sports’ were entwined with Vaccines classics that had the whole crowd singing along. The sound system and acoustics at Alexandra Palace were phenomenal ensuring such a depth of clarity despite the near deafening volume, there’s nothing worse than being at a concert and being able to hear the person next to you singing, there was no chance of that here, and even whilst belting out I Always Knew as loud as I possibly could the only voice you could hear was that of Justin Young.

Quite simply the best live performance I’ve ever been too and at the most beautiful and well-organised venue.

The Vaccines 2018


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