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  • The Three Signs of Spring…

    The Three Signs of Spring…

    I honestly don’t have a favourite season, in fact, I can find something that I love about them all. However, spring for me has a few very special feelings and emotions attached to it, memories and tingles that recur each year that let me know that spring has sprung and I’m going to share a few of those with you.

    Firstly, daffodils, I love daffodils. They are and forever will be my favourite flower. There’s something about their ‘oh so happy’ golden glow, the way they emerge from the frost bitten soil and bring the first splash of colour to the undergrowth. Visiting my nan’s throughout my childhood I remember watching the swathes of daffodils take over the garden orchard, their heads all bobbing in synchronisation to the wind. They’d pop up on even the most barren of roadside verges creating a yellow carpet of joy that sped past the window as we drove by. The pure happiness I feel from looking at daffodils is something I truly cherish and as a treat to myself, I buy them throughout the months of spring to watch them bloom.



    For me, the second defining moment of spring is when the sun feels like it’s got its strength back. It may still be freezing outside and you’re still wrapped up in your winter coat but as you step outside you feel the warmth on your skin for what feels like the first time. The glow spreads through your body delivering energy and comfort to every fibre of your being and you start to dream of warm day’s laid on the lush green grass. Sunshine is proven to make you happy and that first day as I turn my face to the sun and feel it’s warmth embrace me is the start happier days in my books.



    Perhaps this last one seems a little cliched but lambs! Living in the countryside I was surrounded by sheep and the arrival of the first spring lambs was an event that never got any less cute. We regularly used to drive to Ashford through a series of winding lanes that cut through flocks of hundreds of sheep. Spotting the first few lambs bouncing in the fields never failed to bring a smile to my face, their little tails wiggling as they suckled from their mothers.

    Sometime’s in the dead of winter it feels like spring may never come and every year these three things remind me that it is well and truly on its way.

    What are your favourite things about spring? Share them with me in the comments below!




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