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  • The Power Of Words – Displaying Quotes in Your Home

    The Power Of Words – Displaying Quotes in Your Home

    I have always been drawn to words. They possess the power to create images that are more vivid than photographs and have the ability to arouse stirring emotions, all the while remaining a combination of simple and unassuming symbols on a page or screen. Alone they mean one thing, and together they can mean another, and without a voice of their own, they still somehow manage to capture the exact nuances of what the author intended to be said.

    Over the years, I’ve found myself to be deeply moved by words, quotes in particular, and have used them to help me through difficult times and to help me rouse the motivation I need to push past the boundaries that I self inflict upon myself.

    In university my chosen quote was

    To be outstanding, get comfortable with being uncomortable.

    Alrik Koudenburg

    I scrawled this quote onto a light-up pineapple to remind me that feeling uncertain, anxious and scared in classes where I felt out of my depth were necessary for me to grow. To this day I still have that light-up pineapple, and I still recite this quote to myself whenever I need reminding to push through an uncomfortable feeling rather than to back away.

    More recently, I have discovered a new quote, one which resonates with me deeply at this time in my life as I start my own business and begin making my way more independently in the world

    One of the greatest risks is never daring to risk.

    Oprah Winfrey

    Naturally, I’m quite averse to risk, though almost all of my greatest memories and achievements have come out of taking them. This quote is now displayed in my home on a beautiful wall hanging by PhotoWall and acts as a daily reminder that risk doesn’t mean disaster, it means opportunity. Combined with my pineapple quote they work perfectly to remind me that sometimes we need to be brave and to push through the discomfort of risk if we are to find great reward.

    Use code sophiawhitham25 for 25% off any Photowall product. Valid until the 22nd of June 2020.

    These are just two of my all-time favourite quotes, the ones that resonate with me most deeply. What are your favourite quotes? Do you display them in your home? If you’re looking for some wall-hanging inspiration, then be sure to check out the quote collection at PhotoWall who have kindly offered my readers 25% off any product on their site using code sophiawhitham25 (valid until 22nd of June 2020). I personally, already have my eye on several more quotation posters from their collection and love the minimalistic wooden hangers that come with each piece.

    Let me know your favourite quotes in the comments!


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