The little things

The little things

As a child, I kept hearing the phrase “It’s the little things” and I’ll confess for a long time I didn’t really know what they were. I can tell you now, realising the little things has opened up a whole new level of happiness.

So what are the little things?

Think small, no smaller. In fact, don’t think at all.

For example. One of my little things was discovering a washing up liquid that I loved the smell of. None of that disgusting lemon smell for me, it’s pomegranate all the way. If I’m going to spend 10 minutes every day at the kitchen sink then I want those 10 minutes to bring me a level of joy. The smell of pink bubbles brings me happiness. So pink bubbles are what I buy.

Similarly, that cute top or the quirky ornament. Buy it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know when you’ll wear it or it doesn’t fit with your bohemian chic style, if you get happiness from seeing it then it’s worth it. I recently purchased a pair of blue velvet trainers. Why? Because they make me smile, they appeal to my inner child, the same child that called velvet ‘velmit’ and wanted to touch everything she saw.

Filling my home with things that bring me joy makes for a truly beautiful living experience.

Of course, there are other little things;

The smell of rain

The sound of the birds at sunrise

That lovely cold side of the pillow

That moving part of a song that just fills your chest and makes you glow from the inside out

My little things may not be your little things. Don’t over thinkĀ it, go deeper, go smaller. Find the things that bring you joy, no matter how trivial and give them a place in your life.





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