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  • The Great British Summer

    The Great British Summer

    We’re pretty hard on Summer here in England and I thought it about time to put foreword the 10 reasons why I love it, just the way it is.

    1. SURPRISE – Our Summer never lets us get bored of all that hot weather, she’s always on hand to sprinkle some entertainment or blow our socks off when we least expect it.
    2. CHARACTER BUILDING – My parents ensured that I got to go to the beach, even if it was raining…and cold…and I didn’t want to. But now going to the beach in the rain is one of my favourite things to do, it’s quiet and bracing and makes you feel alive!
    3. STRIP – By not having a conventional summer season we Brits love to get our kit off with the slightest of temperature increases. You have to embrace it wobbly bits and all.
    4. BBQS – It’s reached a staggering 20 degrees and Tesco have sold out of sausages… Because… it’s BBQ time! The novelty doesn’t wear off, it’s bbq night every night, and when the sun goes down we all freeze and get eaten by mosquitoes but hey!
    5. DAYTIME DRINKING – It suddenly becomes socially acceptable to drink all day. Along with sausages Tesco also get raided by the enviable day time drinker. The one who does’t have work and spends all day sprawled out on any available green space, cider in hand. Oh wait, that’s students.
    6. PIMMS – Slightly related to point number 5, I love a good Pimm’s. Not a weak pre mixed Pimm’s a fabulously British, ignore the bottle instructions, forget the lemonade altogether Pimm’s. And you get your 5 a day in there too. Winning! (I say Pimm’s but lets be honest, Jeeve’s is also pretty fine)
    7. TAN – Oh yes! the chicken legs are out! the strapless top is on and I am getting a tan! Nobody wants to see it. I don’t want to see it. But the sun is drawing me in and I need to expose myself to it! …. And i’m burnt in about 10 minutes flat. Destined to spend the rest of the mini heatwave peeling. But I am one shade browner than I was before and so success!
    8. CONVERSATION – Hello?! We love nothing more than to talk about the weather. Our inconsistent, disappointing and down rite atrocious excuse of a summer is the perfect talking point. It may be a British stereotype but it is damn true.
    9. JOY – Even if the sun doesn’t appear the days are longer and it’s nice to wake up to the light. When the sun does break free and beams down on our pavements everyone seems a little happier, a little more at ease, something Londoners could do with a a whole heap more of.
    10. CHRISTMAS – I did it. I said it. It’s mid August and the Christmas cake has appeared in Sainsbury, the cards are in the charity shops, the Roses tins have snow on! I love Christmas, so this excites me ALOT. Love it or hate it Christmas is coming, theres just autumn to deal with yet and thats a great time too.

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