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  • The Fields Beneath – Cute Coffee Heaven in Kentish Town

    The Fields Beneath – Cute Coffee Heaven in Kentish Town

    There’s something extremely exciting about finding a good coffee shop, it’s a bit like discovering a little hideaway, somewhere that you can retreat in order to relax, unwind and feel comforted. The Fields Beneath is a tiny, cutesy café nestled under the arches of Kentish Town West Station. Upon entering I was greeted like a long lost friend despite having never been there before and was immediately taken by the rustic, comfortable and eco vibe lit gently by the large windows and fairy lights above.

    The counter was adorned with the most tempting array of cakes, many of which were vegan and gluten free and they have a small lunch menu with a hot dish of the day, sandwiches, and salads. A bit of digging into their social media has revealed that they have not only trialed a selection of dairy free croissants and pain au chocolat but are looking into gluten free bread options for their sandwiches too! I may have been mistaken but it appears that they might be transitioning to a fully vegan menu, using the hashtag ‘making the way to vegan’ in their twitter bio.

    The coffee isn’t the cheapest and you won’t find supersize Starbucks mugs here, a soya latte came to £3.00 as there is a 30p extra charge for non-dairy milk. Although a pricier cup of coffee it was a beautiful drink, the perfect temperature so as not to burn the coffee the double shot was smooth and nutty, the soya milk glistened and left no aftertaste of bitterness. Although there was no fancy coffee art the person making this knew how to make a good cup of coffee and so I went back for a second just to be sure.

    The café is small, boasting only a handful of petit round tables each adorned with the bare necessities to maximize the space. It was great to see unbleached sugar and a care for the environment resonated in everything they do. As I enjoyed my book the staff were packing down for the evening, the tables outside were made up from old milk crates and recycled wood, the kitchen scraps were put into a compost bin and their takeaway cups and napkins were made from recycled materials all of which is something I believe is definitely worth supporting. I can see myself spending a lot more time at The Fields Beneath, listening to the rumble of the trains above and enjoying the simple things that life has to offer with a good cup of coffee.

    Have you been to any great cafés recently?



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