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  • The Carly Rowena Confidence Challenge – It’s time to LOVE yourself!

    The Carly Rowena Confidence Challenge – It’s time to LOVE yourself!

    I’ve been following the inspirational fitness blogger Carly Rowena for over a year now and so it didn’t come as a surprise to see a new video pop up in my Youtube feed. “HOW TO BE CONFIDENT” It might have been the time of the month, or just that I really needed to hear it but something about this video really resonated with me and so I wanted to share it with you.

    Since starting my fitness journey around 8 months ago I surrounded myself with a whole host of new fitness accounts, most focusing on immaculate body image, perfectly posed selfies and beautiful food photography. Despite seeing amazing changes in myself these past 8 months I found myself feeling more self-conscious than ever with a constant supply of ideal eye candy making my own personal journey seem insignificant.

    Please make sure to check out this video by Carly, it’s a 7-day challenge tackling some of the most common issues that many people, including myself, have with their confidence. Click here to be taken to Youtube. And for how the challenge has helped me, read on.


    Day 1 – Put positive affirmations around your house 

    Now I am a big fan of ‘post-it note’ reminders but use them for far more tedious things such as things that I need to pack, or turn off the heating before I leave. I love this idea, we need to praise and remind ourselves more regularly of these most basic things and seeing that little note every day will soon lead to a whole lot more self-belief. As Carly mentions in the video make sure to use the words ‘I AM’ and not something impersonal, this is about you! write it how you would say it to yourself.


    Day 2 – Take a picture of a part of you that you LOVE and share it! 

    Hair, eyelashes, bum, legs, nose, whatever the feature take a picture and share it on social media. Now a lot of people are quite confident with selfies these days but if you aren’t you can send them to a relative, friend or even directly to Carly herself. Remind yourself of what you DO like about yourself and stop focusing on the bits you’d like to improve. For me personally my favourite feature is my hair, golden, thick and wavy I love it.


    Day 3 – Give two compliments and ACCEPT two back

    For me personally giving a compliment is easy but accepting one is much harder. We have a tendency to immediately shrug off a compliment with a response that contradicts it, such as “oh no I don’t”… ‘That’s not true” or “I’m not as ___ as you” and this must be very frustrating for the person giving the compliment as well as removing any of the positivity from the gesture. So next time someone says something nice to you just say thank you, and enjoy the moment.


    Day 4 – Reveal your natural beauty 


    I love makeup and I don’t see it as a negative but for this challenge, we need to appreciate ourselves for who we are, without the added extras. So try to go au naturel for a day, forgo the falsies, leave out the extensions, let your hair air dry. There is nothing wrong with some personal grooming but sometimes we need to ask ourselves who we are doing this for? I know that I feel very self-conscious without some conceiler and foundation so I’m going to work on embracing my natural skin, what would your natural goal be?


    Day 5 – Smile at passers-by, even if they’re an arsehole. 

    Now living in London I can really relate to this one, and it is definitely going to be a challenge. Since moving here for university 3 years ago I seem to have perfected the art of minimal eye contact and a blank face of emotion. After one too many inappropriate comments, remarks and catcalls I’ve found myself restricting my interaction with people so as not to encourage more of it. And this is wrong!  Smiling releases endorphins and makes you feel happy, not only that but as Carly said imagine how many people in London probably go about their day without being smiled at?! If, like me, you’re in this position then let’s end this now, smile away and don’t let the sexist remarks of the few, ruin your smile for the many.


    Day 6 – Step off the scale! 

    “Smash it, bin it, get rid of it!” – Carly

    As a teenager I was obsessed with the number on the scale, I could never understand why it fluctuated so much and was always aiming to get back to a weight that was completely unattainable for me. Even now I find myself comparing my current weight to my old goal weight (a weight that I had reached after hospital treatment at the age of 14) yet I am not the same person that I was at 14, I am a woman, I have grown muscle, I have developed physically and I cannot be comparing myself to a number. Since ditching the scales I have definitely become a happier person. I measure my progress in inches, in dress sizes, by the look and feel of my body, not by a single number that takes into no account fat, muscle, hormones, water retention etc. If you do one thing for yourself, ditch the scales. Please! You’re better than that.


    Day 7 – Unfollow and unsubscribe from anyone that doesn’t make you feel positive. 

    This resonates right back to what I said at the beginning of this blog post, about surrounding myself with fitness accounts that instead of motivating me, were making me feel bad about myself. Sometimes the people we follow right now are just not right for us at this time but that’s not to say that they might not be in the future. We as consumers have got to be aware of how we are interpreting content and make changes to our feeds and subscriptions accordingly. So ditch anyone that isn’t providing positive energy and gravitate towards those that put out the good vibes, what we take subconsciously from social media can have a huge impact on our wellbeing, so be mindful.


    So that is Carly Rowenas 7 Day confidence challenge! I have to say it helped me hugely in pin pointing areas of my life that had left me feeling negative about myself. So give it a go and be sure to let her know how you get on!

    Places to find Carly:

    Blog: www.carlyrowena.com

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/carlyrowena/

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/Carlyrowena




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