The A21 Diner – A Seriously Good Breakfast In a little taste of America

May 1, 2017 Lifestyle

If there’s one thing that you just can’t beat on the weekend it’s an over indulgent breakfast! Be it pancakes or waffles, a bacon sarnie or smashed avocado on toast. But in my household there’s one breakfast to rule them all, one breakfast to find them, one breakfast to bring them all and in the darkness bind them…the mighty Full English. Now it might seem a little ironic that we had to visit an American Diner to get a good Full English breakfast but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do! Far too many places are trying to over complicate something that just doesn’t need to be complicated. There’s a time and a place for toasted focaccia and it isn’t with my breakfast.

This happened to be our first visit to the A21 Diner despite living just a short drive up the road, however, I can assure you that based on this visit it will not be our last. We rolled up a little before 10 am on a Saturday, eager to stuff our bellies with sausages and bacon. I’ve never been to an American themed restaurant before but loved the interior design, with vibrant booths perfect for family dining and lots of American memorabiliaΒ on all of the walls.

As soon as we entered we were greeted by smiling faces behind the counter, everyone that we passed bid us a friendly ‘good morning’ as our waiter led us to our booth.

Fresh orange was squeezed there and then, and presented in cute little mason style jars with a curly straw. Fresh juice always tastes so much better and to have it presented in such a quirky way put a smile on my face.

Our Full English breakfasts came out in record time, I opted for poached eggs rather than the usual fried, their yolks were perfectly gooey and a vibrant orange. In my opinion, the breakfast was nearly faultless, my only request would be to do some gluten free bread, a shame to have those dippable yolks go to waste, though my dad wasn’t complaining as he tucked into his extra slices of well-buttered toast.

As we ate I watched the most amazing stacks of pancakes leave the kitchen, topped with crispy bacon and served with a little jug of maple syrup, I was practically drooling at the thought of it! And just to make me a little more jealous one of their famous freak shakes went out, piled high with whipped cream and chocolate pieces. It was such a nice family atmosphere, and a great way to start the weekend.

What’s your favourite weekend breakfast?

Sophia x



  1. Alice says:

    Wow that breakfast look amazing! I could demolish that right now xx

  2. That food looks delicious !! It’s so far away for me though haha !! across an ocean ! Great read… you literally made me so hungry xx

  3. I love diners! This one looks so good.

  4. daniella says:

    That food looks amazing!

  5. I literally just ate breakfast, but looking at your photos makes me want to eat all over again! That food seriously looks AMAZING!!!

  6. Lea says:

    This made me right hungry! I love to have a really hearty breakfast on the weekends and yours sounded just like one of those.
    Lea, xx

  7. Alicia S says:

    I love going out for breakfast and I wish it was something that was more widely acceptable to do…then again I also don’t like to get out of bed before 10am.
    Alicia x

  8. Tiffany says:

    Ooh this looks amazing! Love a good breakfast like this 😍

    Tiffany x

  9. Oh my GOD I need a place like this near me. That looks too good to even be real. The only american diner near me shut down and I’m devastated!

  10. Weekend breakfasts are the best! We’ve gotten up early each day this weekend to make breakfast at home!

    Would love to try this place out!

    Jessica |

  11. Jade says:

    Omg this looks so good it’s making me hungry!! xx

  12. Hahahaha I loved your Lord of the Rings quote! That made me chuckle. But I agree, you CANNOT BEAT a full English breakfast and that one looks absolutely delicious. Hash Browns are HEAVEN on a plate <3

  13. Claire says:

    Those drinks are so cute, I haven’t had spiral straws in so long! I love pancakes for breakfast, they’re the best start to the day!
    Claire xo

  14. Melissa says:

    This made me so hungry hahaha. It looks so yummy!

    xx, Melissa

  15. Sarah says:

    I am all about the over-indulgent weekend breakfasts too! And those straws and glasses are too cute.
    xoxo, Sarah

  16. Ain SB says:

    Oh looks good! I’d probably need to opt for their veggie options though. But I’d love to dine in American diner one day. Their setting is so retro πŸ˜€ x Ain

  17. mapolo says:

    Girl that breakfast just got me hungry all over again haha,

  18. ruminvte says:

    Love the look of this place! I’ve been to quite a few brunch places but my favourite weekend breakfast would have to be pancakes with berries and cream, it’s my specialty haha. Thanks for sharing xo

  19. Frida says:

    Im never really hungry in the mornings, which is a shame when it comes to hotel breakfasts.. the full english looks yummy, I wonder if there is a vegan version. πŸ™‚

    • Sophia says:

      They definitely did a veggie one with falafel, and I’m sure they could remove the eggs. And they willingly cooked the mushrooms without butter! xx πŸ˜€

  20. Jenn Worrell says:

    Love waffles and pancakes! So cool to see a different spin on American food! Looks like a great breakfast!!

  21. abbeylouisarose says:

    Oooh Sophia, this place sounds incredible! Those poached eggs do indeed look delicious, I love cutting in to a yolk to find it gooey and orange! Such a shame about the lack of GF bread, let’s hope they take that comment on board! The pancakes topped with bacon sound lush too – you’ll have to go back again to try them!!

    Abbey ❀️

  22. The full English breakfast is absolutely a thing of beauty! If only American diners *in America* had them, I’d enjoy waking up early quite a bit more! This diner looks so cute, too. A lot of the diners near where I grew up in NY were sort of plain, but I’ve been to a few with adorable brightly-colored booths and kitschy touches, and I swear it makes the food taste better!


  23. Excellence says:

    This looks so delicious !! Great read… you literally made me so hungry.

  24. YES. THE FULL ENGLISH. Actually, I’m torn between the Full English and a “Grand Slam” style breakfast. If you don’t know what that is, it’s pancakes/waffles/french toast/toast, eggs (they better be gooey), hashbrowns, bacon and or sausage, and coffee and OJ. Bonus points for Irish Coffee and/or Mimosa.

    In any case, this looks delicious! Now I’ll have to find a Full English place here in Munich… though I’ll be headed to England in July, so I know I’ll get one then! Thanks!

  25. Helene says:

    Great place for breakfast! I always enjoy breakfast or brunch in weekends. The plates look delicious and i am sure you enjoyed it a lot! Happy May!

  26. Ash says:

    I love me a good breakfast everyday! That plate just has my mouth watering.

    Ash |

  27. Nita says:

    This makes me so hungry!

  28. Colleen says:

    I LOVE breakfast food! My husband and I visited Ireland for our honeymoon and grew an even larger appreciation for breakfast. Irish and English breakfasts are the best! I love the beans, mushrooms, and tomatoes, and especially the poached eggs!

  29. So yummy!
    It is hard to choose my favorite breakfast meal, I love breakfast food!

  30. Made Adayasa says:

    Wooow that look yummy πŸ˜‹. I love reading your article .
    Thanks for sharing

  31. Kaylee says:

    Small diners always seem to have the best food, the breakfast looks so good!

  32. I’ve never been a fan of full English breakfasts. I love french toast or pancakes with a side of bacon. I’m very American in that sense haha!

  33. Serena says:

    It’ looks good, I’m sure that you have a great time. I will try someday.

  34. Esse D says:

    Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day. My boyfriend and I started a breakfast your at one point just to visit places like this one. Thanks for sharing!

  35. That’s so delicious girl, my weekend breakfast depends on my mood 😊

  36. Christina says:

    Great post! I love American Diners. I got to try out one for myself when i was in NYC a few weeks ago. We also tried to order the closest thing to an Irish Breakfast as we could πŸ™‚

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