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  • Supporting Yourself While Travelling Abroad

    Supporting Yourself While Travelling Abroad

    I used to look enviously upon those who could afford to dedicate their lives to travel and exploration, that was until I realized how hard most of them have worked to earn the privilege. Now I look at self-funded travelers only with admiration, knowing full-well the sacrifices they make to take the road less traveled, and I aspire to be one of them one day. Sadly, at present, Covid-19 has put a halt to the travel plans of most people, and so for now, my time and effort are to be spent ensuring that I do not become a vector for the virus, ultimately putting other people’s lives at risk.

    Although my upcoming travel plans may be of the cards, I won’t let Covid-19 stop me from looking towards a brighter future, and so if, like me, during this time of fear you are turning to the light of better days to come, then here’s a simple travel-related post to keep you dreaming, planning and working towards your goals.

    How to earn money abroad

    A working holiday

    A working holiday is a way for you to travel and make a living while you do it. Plus, there is a proper system set in place for it too. If you are between 18 and 30 years of age and want to travel around Australia, for example, you can apply for the Australia Working Holiday Visa, available for UK citizens via platforms like AUVISA. This enables you to stay, travel and work in Australia for up to one year. It does not limit you to the types of jobs you can do, nor does it look you into one place. So this is a wonderful opportunity to try out some different jobs and to settle down for a longer period of time to immerse yourself in a new country or culture.

    Remote work

    Remote work opportunities are a great way to earn an income from anywhere in the world. Popular remote working opportunities include editing, copywriting and translating, though there are now many forms of remote working that can be conducted with just a laptop and an internet connection. For me, remote working is going to form the core of my income strategy and is something I have been working on for many months.

    Teach English

    Schools, especially in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, are always on the lookout for English speaking individuals for paid English teaching posts. For the most part, a degree in education is not necessary to teach English abroad, though you may be required to complete a teacher training course to gain access to some programs. A major benefit of teaching abroad is that while you will have a teacher’s hours, you will also get holidays around the academic year. So while you want to be open-minded to teaching opportunities, you also want to choose a spot you’d want to be and be happy to explore from!


    Blogging isn’t going to earn you a substantial income overnight but could be a great little side-hustle that will ultimately help your overall income strategy and you’ll be able to document your travel adventures along the way. You can monetize your blog via affiliate marketing, advertisements, sponsored content and more, just be prepared for it to build up slowly. If you want to make blogging a part of your income, then I’d suggest trying to start your blog well in advance of your travels.

    Save before you go

    Finally, regardless of whether you wish to work abroad or to dedicate your time solely to pleasure, it’s worth having some savings set aside to bolster your income and to pay for any unexpected expenses. At present, it’s the savings part of my travel financial strategy that I need to establish, and I’m taking small manageable steps to try and reach this goal. (If you’d be interested in hearing about how and what I am doing to save up for traveling abroad, then let me know and I will create a dedicated post about it. )

    So there you have it, hopefully


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