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  • Making the most of a small living space

    tiny house

    When we see adverts for new kitchens, bathrooms and sofas they’re always set in vast spaces with sprawling counters and enough room for a football team. The reality for many, however, is much different. My kitchen and bathroom are little more than a cupboard in comparison, with enough space to make them functional but far from the showrooms advertised online.

    But having a small living space is coming back into fashion with micro-houses and van-lifers proving that living in little more than what some would consider a garden shed is entirely possible and in fact preferable to many people.

    I for one like cosy spaces and if designed well they can provide you with all you need at a fraction of the cost. So what can you do to make the most of your small spaces?

    1. Learn some storage hacks
      You’ll be surprised how much you can fit into a very small space if you utilise the storage available – add hooks to the sides of cabinets and section off cupboards to make stacking your food supplies easier. Try using pegs and twine to utilise empty space and hang up any bags such as spices or rubs. Bin bags hand well under the sink and can be rolled out much more easily.
    2. Decorate wisely
      Micro-living can often save you money which can then be reinvested into your decor. Ever thought of using oak? Natural wood may be more expensive but makes a small space cosy and warm, choose lighter colours to make your space seem larger. Use colour wisely to add character to a room, feature walls are a great way to play around with textures and depth whilst not enclosing a small space. (Check out my Pinterest for some small space interior design inspo)
    3. Think ‘multipurpose’
      At university I got quite used to my bedroom being my living room and also my study, some friends even had their kitchen in their room. Multifunctional rooms are fabulous ways to make good use of small spaces. A few shallow shelves positioned in the living room or your bedroom can make a great study nook. If you lack a living room then there are some great sofa beds out there that transform effortlessly from a six-seater into a spacious king size bed.

    What are your favourite small space hacks? Let me know in the comments!


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