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  • Slow holidays – what are they and why should you try them?

    Slow holidays – what are they and why should you try them?

    Sometimes it seems as though we are living our lives in the fast lane, at 100mph, always eager to get onto the next thing, the next stage. I’ve found myself feeling like this, racing through education, onto college, into uni and it wasn’t until I graduated that I realised how I’d wished a quarter of my life away. Sometimes we need to take a step back and just slow down.

    One great way to do this is through slow holidays. Slow holidays are designed to give you the time to just breathe. To take in all the sights, the smells, the atmosphere of a new country at your own leisurely pace.

    This post is written in collaboration with Inntravel, the slow holiday people, who kindly invited me to visit their stand at the Destination Show and to take part in a photography masterclass.

    InnTravel - Slow holidays

    Inntravel offers a range of slow holidays in Europe that are off the beaten track and offer a completely unique travel experience. One of the most invigorating and rewarding holidays of my life was a walking holiday in the Lake District, the only problem was that we were limited to circular walks by our luggage and accommodation. A slow holiday with Inntravel removes this restriction by transporting your luggage ahead to your next destination. Not only is this lighter on your back but it makes the whole experience even more rewarding as you make the journey on foot to a new place each day.

    If walking isn’t your cup-of-tea then there are also cycling alternatives for amateur and expert alike and even slow holidays in the snow! Including skiing, snowshoeing and winter walking.

    There are many advantages to taking a holiday at a slower pace. They allow you to indulge in more of the culture, more of the scenery and to take some truly stunning pictures of your time abroad. One of the things I regret most about my trip to the Lake District was feeling eternally rushed. Rushed to make it back for dinner and to pack in as much as possible in the short few days we had. When I return I will definitely be taking a slower pace to really be able to appreciate the beauty around me.

    InnTravel - Slow holidays

    When visiting Inntravel I also took part in a DSLR masterclass, in which we learnt all the tips and tricks to good holiday photography. Other than the benefits of shooting in raw one of the main things that kept cropping up was to take your time. Photography isn’t something that can be rushed, composition, camera settings and the perfect moment need to all align. If photography is your passion then a slow holiday is the perfect option for you, with your luggage transported ahead and the most picturesque routes mapped out for you, there’s only one thing left to do. Get that shot.

    I want to thank Inntravel for a lovely day at the show and Steve Davey for all the amazing photography advice.


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