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  • How to save money on a weekend get-away

    Weekend away

    There’s no better sense of anticipation than working the week knowing that come Friday night you’ll be off on an adventure. Weekend getaways are for many of us the only way that we get to travel a diverse range of destinations. The weekend is a great time to explore locations that are a little closer to home without eating into your very limited holiday allowance. Although a great use of your free time, jetting off at the weekend can be pricey with many hotels and flights becoming more expensive at these peak times.

    How to save money on a weekend get-awayBut don’t despair! There are always a few ways that you can keep the cost of your travels down and I’m going to share a few with you.


    Get cosy and share a room

    If you have a like-minded friend, colleague or family member then share the cost of a twin or double room. I’ve found that booking a room for one can often be as expensive as a room for two, so finding someone to split this cost with will really help keep your costs down whilst providing you with some company along the way.


    Stay in the airport hotel

    Airport hotels have gotten a pretty bad rep but they can offer you a great base to travel from especially those that are not too far from the city centre. Most have amazing transport links whilst also being super convenient for your return flight. Some airport hotels such as the Courtyard Montreal Airport even offer a free shuttle bus service between the airport itself saving you a ton of money in taxis and transfers.


    Book last minute

    Booking last minute can really bag you some amazing deals with many hotels and package deals dropping their prices the longer you leave them. It’s a bit of a game of chicken, on the one hand, you want to wait and see if the price drops, on the other you don’t want someone else to bag your deal. I find browsing sites such as ‘Last Minute.com and Secret Escapes the best for last minute deals, but there are plenty of others out there to be discovered.


    Look for free cancellation policies

    Booking.com is brilliant for offering many ‘no deposit’ and ‘free cancellation options’ which can stop you being charged a hefty fee should you have to cancel your trip short notice or you find a better deal. It’s little things like this that can turn a relatively cheap trip into a nightmare and so it’s worth using sites that have all the fees clearly stated so you’re not caught out.


    Go self-catered

    Eating at restaurants even just for the weekend can very quickly up the cost of your trip. If you can stay somewhere self-catered and cook for yourself. Not only does this give you the opportunity to live like a local but personally I love exploring foreign supermarkets and creating exciting dishes. If you’re staying self-catered even if you decide to eat out for dinner you have the option to cook yourself breakfast and lunch rather than being forced to eat out three times a day because you don’t have the facilities to cook if you want to.



    What are your tips for saving money on a weekend away? 




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