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  • Are recipe boxes worth it? Gousto a review (+ 60% off!)

    Are recipe boxes worth it? Gousto  a review (+ 60% off!)

    Recipe boxes have been around for a while now, i’ve always been tempted but then get to the checkout page and think “Nah, I could make that cheaper myself.” That was until a friend (thanks Ryan!) introduced Ed and I to Gousto, and gave us his referral code that got us a whopping 60% off our first box and then 30% off for the rest of the month.

    To put that into perspective we got 4 meals, each serving four portions, for a total of £19.10, that’s £1.19 per portion and wanting to get full bang for our buck we also made sure each meal had a meat element to it and chose dishes we wouldn’t normally make at home. Those four meals were the basis of our weekly shop, and provided the both of us greedy pigglets with dinner and then lunch the next day for work Monday-Thursday, giving us one day to eat out and freedom to have other plans at the weekend. It was the perfect solution to midweek meals. What’s more you can easily cancel and pause the subscription at any time or just skip boxes as and when you fancy. I didn’t feel tied in and could just make use of the discount and then leave.

    We decided to use Gousto for the month whilst we had the offer, build up a bank of new recipes, try something new and then cancel the subscription and take the new recipes we’d collected and make them ourselves. We never paid full price, got loads of delicious new recipes and learnt a lot about portions and buying what you need. Win win. What’s more we paused our subscription indefinitely so we can always log back into our account re-ignite the subscription and see our old favourite recipes if we ever need a midweek fix again.

    I bet you have some questions? I’ll try my best to answer them:

    What was the box like? 

    The box arrived on a Sunday, but you can pick the day to suit you, it’s insulated with woollen insulation so can stay cold in a safe place if you’re out and about. Inside are all the ingredients you need (minus some cupboard staples like oil, salt and pepper) to make the dishes you chose.

    In an attempt to cut down on plastic most of the produce comes loose, and what needs to be packaged has been adapted to be more environmentally friendly, you can read more about that here. I then put the shopping away like my usual grocery shop except rather than have an out of date lettuce and floppy cucumber left at the end of the week we had used every last ingredient and definitely saw a reduction in our food waste. There was also never a need to run to the shop for that odd ingredient that like sesame oil that makes or breaks a dish but you never want to buy the whole bottle.

    What was the food like?

    Delicious. Honestly, I had pretty low expectations and the simplicity of some of the recipes led me to believe that they’d lack flavour but every dish we’ve had has been better than expected. In fact, Ed made the Southern Fried Chicken Burgers one night and I actually thought it was better than KFC. Our other favourites were the quick Korean Beef Bulgogi with Green Beans, the Filipino Chicken Adobo with Vegetable Rice and  the South Indian Chicken Cashew Curry, since cancelling the subscription we’ve made these again and they’re all now a staple in our recipe bank.

    How do I get 60% off!

    So if you fancy 60% off a hassle free recipe box then give Gusto a try, use our code for 60% off (If you go through the website you only get 50!) and we’ll get £15 credit too, then share your code with your friends and everyone’s a winner!


    Bulgogi Beef – Literally so good, made me fall in love with green beans again
    South Indian Curry – We served this to friends and all agreed it was the closest we’d ever come to making a curry taste as good as a takeaway







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