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  • Purezza – Plant Based Pizza in Brighton – A Review

    Purezza Plant based pizza review

    I’ll start this review by simply saying Purezza is a haven for vegans, those trying to eat more plant-based or follow a gluten-free diet or dairy-free diet. Everything on the menu is 100% vegan and most options have a gluten-free alternative.

    I struggled to contain my excitement, checking the website several times, not quite believing that I could get a 4 cheese pizza, garlic bread and macaroni cheese all dairy-free and completely plant-based.

    We arrived shortly after midday on Sunday, a little out of the way from Brighton city centre and a short walk into Kemp Town hadn’t put people off from travelling here and there was already a short waiting list for a table. We wandered down to the sea and eagerly awaited the phone call that would notify us that our table was ready.

    20 minutes later we were seated in the window and I was trying to refrain from ordering the whole menu. “ooh lasagne, no pizza, no macaroni cheese, no garlic bread, cheesy dough balls, calzone!” There’s even a pizza with roast potatoes on. We ordered our drinks to give us more time to peruse the menu. I have a little thing glassware and was very impressed when my rose came in a beautiful, large bouquet wine glass with a fantastically thin rim that made drinking this ice-cold, dry organic rose so much more pleasurable.

    It was a tough call but in the end, we went for the garlic bread to share, a Season 4. Pizza 1, Pesto Manifesto and a side of the macaroni cheese and cheesy dough balls. Complete cheese overload and I wasn’t complaining.

    The garlic bread came hot from the pizza oven, rustic, gooey, yet crisp; this will not be shared on future visits. Generously drizzled with olive oil and a generous sprinkling of rosemary this was unlike any garlic bread I have previously tasted, with more subtlety and finesse.

    There were three large dough balls each filled to the brim with vegan mozzarella that oozed and strung like the real thing. Even the real-cheese eater gave them the stamp of approval. They were so good that there isn’t even a picture. Three gooey cheesy doughballs don’t last long between two hungy carboholics.

    Purezza Plant based pizza review

    Having had a taste of what was to come I couldn’t wait to tuck into the pizza. It didn’t disappoint and was quite possibly the best pizza dough I have ever eaten. The Season 4 Pizza 1 came generously topped with artichokes, olives, mushrooms and slices of smoked beetroot that looked a little like pepperoni and added a sharpness that cut through the richness of the vegan mozzarella that liberally coated the whole ensemble.

    Purezza Plant based pizza review
    Season 4. Pizza 1

    The Pesto Manifesto came with onions, courgettes, pine nuts and cherry tomatoes and was very generously dolloped with pesto, in fact, a little too much pesto. We personally found the amount of pesto a little overpowering but if you’re a pesto lover then this pizza is the one for you.

    Purezza Plant based pizza review
    Pesto Manifesto

    With eyes far too big for my stomach I still made a good attempt at the macaroni cheese, a gooey, thermonuclear pot of cheesy loveliness with surprisingly turgid pasta considering it was gluten-free. A very cheesy flavour and unbelievably rich. I personally, having not eaten a real macaroni cheese for years, found it comforting and umptuous if a little over-cheesy (in the false vegan cheese flavour kinda way) yet still demolished the whole pot.

    Purezza Plant based pizza review

    Feeling oh so full and more than satisfied we had to decline the dessert menu, though it was amazing to think I could have eaten a creme brulee or a tiramisu for the first time in years!

    A must for anyone following a vegan or plant-based diet and also a fantastic experience for those who don’t. A great atmosphere that was welcoming to all whether vegan or not, a place to come together and enjoy the power of plant-based food.

    You’ll find Purezza in both Brighton and Camden – ready to fill your plant-based pizza needs



    1. May 7, 2018 / 10:11 am

      Hey Sophia – just wanted to drop by and say a big thanks for this feature. Really glad you enjoyed your experience and hope to see you at Purezza in Brighton or Camden again soon!

      • Sophia
        May 7, 2018 / 5:31 pm

        No worries and thanks for a great evening! x

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