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  • Protein Powder without An Aftertaste?! – Try BOXD Shakes

    BOXD Protein powder

    As someone who has a strong dislike for sweeteners and artificial flavours, I’ll admit that I was sceptical when BOXD reached out to me to try their new plant-based protein powders.

    I hate the taste of stevia and have tried so many powders over the years only to end up throwing them away when I can’t stomach them.

    Well, guys, I can tell you now these pouches aren’t going in the bin! I may have finally found a protein powder that actually tastes good with water and doesn’t leave my stomach-turning.

    Who are BOXD?

    BOXD may have been founded by two men, but they are a female-centred company whose focus is on providing high-quality nutrition for the modern woman. Whether you need a boost in the office, an extra dose of protein after a workout or simply want a healthier alternative to grab when you’re on the go.

    The BOXD Blend

    Besides their obvious protein content (up to 24g per serving), BOXD shakes also contain a blend of 16 vitamins and minerals that are designed to help you regulate your energy levels throughout the day. I personally love the idea of giving my body a boost and satisfying my sweet tooth at the same time and so like to turn my shake into a frappe by blending a serving with water and some crushed ice.

    BOXD Shake Frape

    To find out more about the nutritional information in BOXD, click here.

    How Does BOXD Taste?

    Let’s face it unless you’re a die-hard gym-goer you aren’t going to drink a shake if you have to hold your nose to drink it. While the BOXD plant-based shakes I tried weren’t an exact replica of a vanilla cupcake or chocolate muffin, they were the best tasting protein powders I’ve had. They were sweet but not too sweet. Flavoured but not too flavoured. And most importantly they didn’t have that horrendous sweetener aftertaste. If you’re not convinced you’ll like them, then try a mix-and-match BOXD discovery box.

    How I Use BOXD Shakes

    I’m not really a protein shake kind of person, but I am a frappe person, a smoothie person, and a protein muffin kind of person. So while you may not see me shaking my BOXD sachets in a protein shaker, you will see me blending them in my BlendJet with some ice and maybe a couple of espressos. You’ll also find me baking my sachets into tasty muffins, or adding them to my smoothies (chocolate, peanut butter and banana is a winner!)

    Try BOXD for Yourself

    If you’d like to try BOXD for yourself, head over to their website. They have a great brand, ethos and product and are well worth a try if you’re in the market for a new protein powder or nutrition shake.


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