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  • Preparing for your summer travels

    Preparing for your summer travels

    When summer comes around, it’s holiday time, with many people, including myself, opting for a stay-cation to help make their money go further. However, driving during the warmer summer months presents its own challenges, which if you aren’t prepared can sometimes leave you in a bit of a pickle. In this post motability dealers, Lookers plc, have kindly offered some of their top summer travelling advice to keep you safe and your road-trip running smoothly.


    Essential vehicle checks

    Whilst winter tyres are a must for driving safely in the colder months it’s important to change them back for the warmer weather, this will help to avoid rapid wear and make them last for another year! Monitoring your vehicle’s tyre pressure is also important since low inflation can reduce fuel economy and contribute to blow out related accidents. Tyre pressure instructions can usually be found on one of the vehicles front doors on your petrol cap or in your driving manual and you can re-inflate them at most petrol stations.

    Another thing to check is your engine oil as this can thin out in warmer weather – meaning the engine could lack lubrication. To avoid any problems the oil should be checked and if necessary changed before setting off on a long hot journey. Other things to check include brake fluid levels and windscreen washer fluid.

    Along with fluids and tyres, the rest of the vehicle should also be checked over. Take the car to an experienced mechanic, who can inspect the belts and hoses before the trip. The windscreen wiper blades should be checked for splits and all bulbs tested to make sure they’re working.


    Pack the essentials

    Whether a long or short journey, it’s important to pack an emergency travel kit. The kit should include a flashlight; jump leads, basic tools and non-perishable food and water. I have a vivid childhood memory of being broken down at the side of a busy road on the hottest day of the year with nothing but a warm can of coke between the three of us. It was not pleasant. Keeping a bottle of water and some snacks in your emergency pack can be a lifesaver and make a frustrating situation a little more bearable.


    Don’t over-drive

    Tired driving is dangerous driving, especially on long journeys. Driving while fatigued is a major cause of accidents on motorways. To avoid fatigue, drivers should take regular breaks and stop to sleep when needed. Why not break up long journeys into shorter ones with an overnight stay somewhere in between. Think of it as a mini adventure along the way.


    Towing tips

    First of all, check your driving license to make sure you’re allowed to tow. To find out whether your license allows you to tow check the DVLA website. If you’re legal then the next thing to do is make sure the thing you’re towing is legal. Check the tyres and lights as these can perish if left for a long period of time.


    With these tips from Lookers plc, you’re set for a safe stay-cation. Drive safely!


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