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  • Pairfum – Natural, Organic Body Wash and Lotion – A Review

    Pairfum Organic body wash/lotion

    Back in January, I made three new-years resolutions and I’m proud to say I’ve stuck to two of them (the first one has been a bit harder than I thought with a job in social media!).

    Eating the rainbow has been an easy recipe to follow and I enjoy nothing more than creating recipes with an abundance of colours knowing that they’re also full of an abundance of micro-nutrients. As a result of my new found love for plants and eating a rainbow of them I started to dip my toes in the world of organic and I’ll be honest at first it was more from a flavour and aesthetic angle. The unwaxed organic lemons just looked so much more appetising than the uniform, smooth and bland lemons we find in most supermarkets. I found this seemed to be the case amongst a lot of organic produce and I was also surprised at the difference in flavour. So I began buying more organic produce and slowly learnt more about the health benefits associated with the organic movement. For every scientific study proving the benefits of organic, there’s at least one showing little or no evidence. The jury is still out on the impact that pesticides, parabens and chemical fertilisers have on our health and wellbeing but in a world where we’re constantly told we are what we eat it just seems pretty logical that chemicals and pesticides will find their way down the food chain and into our bodies.

    Fast forward a few months and I’m in no way fully organic but I do find myself opting for organic options if they’re available and in my price range and it seems I’m not alone with the Organic sector growing 6% in 2017 and being worth an estimated £2.2 billion, making it the strongest it has ever been.

    Buying organic food is just the tip of the organic iceberg with body and skincare, makeup and clothing also all seeing a rise in popularity.

    As a part of my organic curiosity, I’ve started trying organic alternatives to other products I use every day. I’d been unknowingly using organic skincare in the form of Pai for several years but could still see some room for improvement in my body care and clothing. It seemed all too coincidental when Pairfum, an organic skincare and natural home fragrance company, contacted me and asked if I’d review a couple of their body products, this was the perfect opportunity to try a new brand and also fill a little organic void in my bathroom cupboard.


    Pairfum Organic body wash/lotion


    As a lover of fresh citrus notes, I decided to try the Grapefruit Organic Body Wash and Organic Body Lotion with undertones of bergamot and mandarin.

    The Organic Body Wash is a combination or shower gel and a body oil which leaves your skin feeling supple smooth. Scented with essential oils the fragrance is natural and not artificial or overpowering.

    After a beautiful hot shower and already smelling divine, I walked the short walk from my apartment to the beach and dried my hair in the evening sun and moisturised using the body lotion. Unlike many lotions of the moment who sink into the skin in an instant quite often leaving you feeling as though you didn’t put any on at all this forms a creamy lather that slowly sinks into the layers of the skin leaving a much deeper feeling of moisturisation that I could still feel the following day. Once again the scent was subtle, pure and fresh and still lingered even as I got dressed the following day.


    Pairfum Organic body wash/lotion


    But perhaps the thing that makes this lotion so different from any I’ve ever tried before is its prebiotic nature. Yes, you read that right prebiotic, not probiotic. The prebiotic ingredients in this lotion are designed to feed the micro-flora of your skin to encourage a natural and healthy skin balance.

    With our skin being our largest organ it makes sense to look after it and be mindful of what we allow to absorb into it.

    If you have any recommendations for other organic skin or body products I can try then please get in touch! 

    Pairfum Website
    Pairfum Boutique

    *This post contains products that were gifted to me for the purpose of a review

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