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  • Pai Skincare – Review

    Pai Skincare – Review

    Skincare has been the bane of my existence from puberty onwards. Waking up one morning to a face full of spots and skin that couldn’t decide whether to flake off or become an oily mess meant that the days of bare faced goodness had gone.

    I have tried so many skincare brands from high street to high-end and always ended up back at square one. Although my skin has matured a little over the past 10 years and for the most part the devastating acne has cleared up, I am still prone to stress and hormone related breakouts and perpetual dryness.

    I discovered Pai through an advert on the tube giving me the chance to receive a free sample of their Rosehip oil. Within days of trying their oil, I purchased a full skincare routine worth of products and have not looked back.

    Pai is a London based skincare company designed for people with sensitive skin. Its founder, Sarah Brown, experienced sensitive skin issues herself and decided to take charge and help other people in the process by formulating her own products using only natural, organic ingredients.

    Pai prides itself on its quality, purity, and ethics. The company is certified with The Organic Soil Association , Leaping Bunny against animal testing and The Vegan Society ensuring that as a company they minimise their impact on the environment. Which I think is all pretty amazing!

    On to the products!


    Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil


    When I started using my Rosehip Oil sample my skin was coming to the end of a bad breakout due to stress and ‘that time of the month’. My forehead and chin were beginning to heal but were a mass of red, sore scabs and lumps and I had a lot of redness around my nose and cheeks too. Although I have always been told not to pop spots I just can’t leave them alone and therefore end up with a lot of unsightly scabs and as a result,  some scarring.

    After just a few days of applying this oil to my skin each night I seemed to have accelerated healing powers. Within five days almost all evidence of the breakout had gone and I was noticing that my skin tone seemed far more even too, prompting me to take a makeup free day for the first time in years and also to purchase the full-size bottle pictured here. I apply 3-4 drops to dry skin at night instead of a moisturiser and love the expensive feel of this little glass pipette and bottle. The oil itself is a vibrant orange colour and has a very earthy scent as there are no artificial perfumes added, just a little rosemary oil. By morning my skin feels supple and after just a few applications by skin tone is noticeably more even. I love this product and with nearly a hundred five star reviews online it appears I am not the only one!

    £24 for 30ml


    Camellia and Rose Gently Hydrating Cleanser



    Whilst ordering my Rosehip Oil I had a chat to one of the online sales assistants who advised me to start cleansing my skin. I know! SHOCK! I previously did not cleanse. Unless you can class a cursory wipe with a Simple face wipe as cleansing. As a fairly light weight makeup wearer this was all I thought I needed but apparently is a very important step and perhaps one of the reasons why I break out the way I do.

    Firstly this cleanser smells amazing! With a light floral scent of rose. But you’ll be pleased to hear it also works a treat too. Simply massage a small amount into dry skin (including the eye area to remove mascara). Next, using the Duel-Effect Cloth provided, wipe away the product with warm water. Simple! It takes less that 2 minutes and I do this now twice a day, after my morning shower and before I go to bed. I have noticed a huge difference in the way my moisturiser is absorbed by my skin and also any dry skin flakes are lifted away by the exfoliating muslin side of the cloth. For the more sensitive eye areas just use the soft Terry side to avoid any damage.

    £40 for the 200ml size and cloth as pictured


    Kukui and Jojoba Bean Skin Brightening Exfoliator



    Although the cleanser and cloth will provide a level of exfoliation I figured that whilst I was splashing out on a new skincare routine I may as well go the whole shebang and try a specific exfoliator also.

    This product took a little getting used to as it is a very strange texture. The formulation feels a lot like wiping sticky honey onto your face which at first was a little off putting as I couldn’t help but worry as to how I was going to get that sticky mess off. However, it was all under control. The product is applied with dry hands to dry skin in circular motions, allowing the natural microbeads to gently polish the skin, next wet your fingertips and be amazed as the sticky gel turns into a smooth creamy milk in an instant! It felt like a magic trick and I couldn’t quite believe it. The milk was then easily removed with warm water. My skin was left feeling super soft and any stubborn scabby bits had been gently polished away. I now use this product twice a week on top of the rest of my routine to ensure that any dead skin or stubborn flakes are removed.

    With the recent news coverage regarding the environmental effects of micro beads, it seems important to mention here that these beads are 100% natural and also completely spherical. And so not only are they not harmful to the environment, they are also not abrading your sensitive skin. Bonus.

    £24 for 75ml


    Avocado and Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream


    Last but not least is the Avocado and Jojoba Moisturiser. I had also tried this in a sample and was amazed at the smooth, supple texture that it gave my skin. This product feels super luxurious, the heavy, frosted glass bottle makes it feel expensive. The cream itself is thick and luscious. I use one pump for my face and one for my neck and can envisage this moisturiser lasting a long time. The avocado feels as decadent on my skin as it feels in my guacamole. It is the perfect finish for my daily routine and the perfect base for any makeup or primer. Although intensively moisturising it is  in no way oily and almost has a matte feel to its finish. To top it all off it smells amazing, botanical and calming and surpasses some of the top moisturisers that I have tried from Clarins, Clinique and Lancome.

    £36 for 50ml.

    It’s important to note here that these products have not ‘cured’ my problematic skin, but they have allowed me to manage it and drastically improved it. I still get breakouts but less often and with fewer spots, my healing time is twice as fast and my skin tone even enough to not need a face of foundation. If you have troublesome skin and feel you have tried everything then give Pai a try. Speak to one of their knowledgeable online sales assistants who can point you in the right direction. I have very dry skin so these products are tailored me. On a side note, make sure to ask for any samples of products that you wish to try before you buy. The sales assistants have always made sure to add them to any order that I place once I gave them my order number. I am currently trialing their Echium and Argon Eye Cream to see if that helps my dark circles at all, so you never know, my Pai family may still grow!




    1. May 2, 2017 / 6:53 am

      The packaging looks great,never heard of I the brand before.

      • Sophia
        May 2, 2017 / 1:27 pm

        I’m a sucker for packaging so I’d be lying if I said it didn’t influence my initial purchase! But I keep repurchasing because it’s great 😀

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