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  • November Favourites 2016

    November Favourites 2016

    I can’t quite believe that November is over! I blinked and nearly missed it, but here are my top favourites from this month (Links to all items in the end pictures)

    1. Golden Elephant Teapot












    I love this little guy, he fits 2-3 large cups of tea inside him and looks pretty as a picture on my kitchen shelf or windowsill. Having wanted a new teapot for a while I simply had to have this one, combining my love for elephants, tea, and metallics into one functional object. Also available in silver and white, this cute teapot would make the perfect tea-lovers gift.


    2. Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil













    This stuff has been an absolute life saver for my skin and I cannot recommend it enough. I use it each night after cleansing and it has dramatically improved the healing of my skin whilst also providing a boost of moisture leaving my skin supple in the morning and ready to face these cold winter days. A few drops goes a long way and even after well over a month of use I am barely a third of the way through. For more information on the Pai Skincare range, take a look at my previous blog post here.


    3. Nike Pro Classic Sports Bra 













    With the revival of my health and fitness motivation came the need for a few new pieces of sportswear. This sports bra combines pleasing aesthetics with functionality and the pale plum colour also works well under regular clothing. The waistband gives an edginess that invites the wearer to show it off, perfect for peeking out under a low arm top. I think my favourite feature of this sports bra is that the Nike branding is not too overt, unlike some designs that can make you feel like a walking AD campaign. With a rating as ‘medium support’, I find this bra well suited to my HIIT and gym workouts, though perhaps opt for a higher support if you’re into your running. A solid compromise of fashion and functionality.


    4. Lush Beautiful Shower Gel









    I’ve always been a super fan of lush bath bombs and bubble bars but have never expanded into their other ranges. Since returning to London I no longer have a bath and therefore needed to change my pampering routine accordingly. In order to maintain the luxurious relaxation of my lush baths whilst standing in a small temperamental shower, I decided to try this gold shimmery shower gel, and I am so glad that I did. With a powerful citrus zing to wake you up and leave you energized and gold glitter to make you feel like a fairy, I use this every day and still haven’t got tired of it. Don’t fear if you’re not a glitter addict, this shimmer doesn’t remain on the skin, you are simply left with a fresh citrus scent and light moisturised feel.


    5. The Crown TV Series 


    If you like period drama and also want to brush up on your English history then this could be the new series for you! I fell in love with The Crown instantly, it filled the Downton Abbey-sized hole in my heart and has left me eagerly awaiting the second season. Claire Foy plays Queen Elizabeth II impeccably well and the old English language is a joy to behold. The entire 1st season is available on Netflix, so why not take advantage of their one-month free trial and work your way through it this Christmas.


    6. Oversized Jumpers 














    I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Autumn/Winter fashion. I love cosy knits, big jumpers, boots, scarves, and coats. I’m trying to be conservative with my wardrobe, opting for a more minimalistic approach and purchasing only what is necessary. As I switched over to my winter wardrobe it became clear that one piece was lacking, a nice, oversized, layer-able jumper, that could be worn with jeans or leggings and dressed up or down. I spent a while scouring ASOS until I saw this Noisy May Deep V-Neck oversized jumper. The off white cream colour works beautifully with black leggings and the length enables it to be worn almost as a dress. For a bargain price of £22.00 this jumper fits seamlessly within the current style trends without breaking the bank.

    What have your November favourites been? Please comment below so that I can check them out! 


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