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  • Not your everyday holiday essentials

    Holiday Essentials

    It’s rapidly approaching peak holiday season with everyone and their dog jetting off to some exotic location to relax, unwind and enjoy the summer sun. I was going to write a holiday essentials guide; filled with bikinis, inflatables and all those things that have been mentioned time and time again by countless bloggers and magazines, but then I had an idea, why not think of the most obscure summer holiday essentials. Those that you might not think of, something a little more interesting. Let’s give that a go.

    1. A refillable water bottle
      Bear with me, this is going somewhere. Have you been in an airport lately? They’re extremely expensive and will take advantage of your bored, captive needs such as needing something to drink. We forked out nearly £3.00 for a single bottle of water at Gatwick Airport Starbucks when we could have got one for free by asking them to fill our own. Remember you can’t take liquids over 100ml through security though so keep the bottle empty and re-fill it once you’re through the gates. Your re-fillable bottle will also become handy for days at the beach, walking around a city or even just lounging in your hotel when you don’t want to use that dodgy looking glass that’s left on the sink. Bring a water bottle, the environment and your wallet with thank you.
    2. Polaroid Lenses
      You probably have a pair of sunglasses in your bag but its time to up your game. If you’re the adventurous type and like to get a little active whilst on holiday then polaroid lenses are something to invest in, especially if you want to take in the tourist sights in all their glory. Polaroid lenses reduce glare, keeping things crystal clear whilst being easy on the eyes, there’s a reason why they’re used by athletes and professionals. If you’re not convinced here is All You Need to Know About Polarised Lenses including why I think you’ll love them.
    3. A bottle opener
      What’s your poison? Whatever it is have you got a way to open a bottle of it on the fly? Buying a bottle of wine or beer from the local supermarket can quite often be a lot cheaper than the beachside or central city bars and you get to choose the place you drink it too. Even if you just want a glass of wine in your hotel room or a nice cold one in the park, you’ll need a bottle opener. Invest in a compact one and keep it in your luggage, but remember to check it in if it’s a corkscrew as you won’t get it through security.
    4. More pants and socks than you can ever get through
      There’s something about going on holiday that makes us change clothes a billion times a day and there’s no better feeling than fresh pants and socks each time. Even if you just change once a day for dinner that’s still double what you’d usually wear and sink washing is always never very satisfactory.
    5. Earplugs
      You may have the quietest hotel room on earth but that won’t stop your best-friend from snoring. If it isn’t your best friend snoring then its the air-con whirring, the sound of the cicadas or your mum getting up to pee every half an hour. Er plugs are just a good idea for those of us who value a good nights sleep.
    6. A taste of home
      You’ve gone abroad why the hell would you want to bring your favourite food with you? Let me tell you. When you’re hungover, a little homesick or even just a bit fed up with the same buffet every day then it can be really nice to have a little taste of home hidden in your luggage. And if you don’t eat it whilst on holiday you may be thankful for it at the airport on the way home.

    What would your obscure holiday essential be? Let me know in the comments!



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