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  • No More Smudging! – L’Oréal Beauty Tubes Mascara

    No More Smudging! – L’Oréal Beauty Tubes Mascara

    It isn’t very often that I get this excited about a beauty product. I have suffered from smudgy mascara for as long as I’ve been wearing it. Following beauty guru’s advice, I have purchased countless mascaras from Rimmel to Dior all with the promise of being un-smudgeable whilst still providing length and volume. Each and every time I am let down with transfer from my lashes to my lids and a ‘panda effect’ beneath.

    I have actually never been brave enough to put mascara on my lower lashes with hooded brows and oily lids my face was not made for most mascaras. Until now.

    After a long Google search and reading endless comments from women in similar situations, I stumbled upon the L’Oréal Double Extension Beaty Tubes Mascara. It is quite a mouthful but I was intrigued by this ‘Tubing’ technology that boast’s to lengthen lashes to a new level and also seems to be un-smudgeable without being waterproof.

    Firstly a layer of the nourishing white base coat is added to the lashes making you seem like some sort of ghost. Next, a layer of the lengthening tube topcoat is applied and before your eyes, you have a set of almost false looking lashes.

    After one coat to my upper lashes.

    This post was not about finding a terrific lengthening mascara, though you certainly do, but about the staying power of it. As you can see from the image I have quite hooded eyes and yet even after 24 hours of wear the mascara does not budge. I have worn it on both my top and bottom lashes during a workout, on hot days when the rest of my face is melting and even (shamefully) to bed, without it budging. It is in fact so good at sticking to your lashes that I found removing it with ordinary makeup wipes quite tricky, even rubbing cleanser directly into my eyes did not result in the usual ‘panda effect’. The best way I have found to remove it is to gently coax it with warm water. Using a muslin cloth or cotton pad gently soak the eye and then pull the tubes off of the lashes. To my surprise, they do actually come off as tubes!

    Initially the fact that I had to physically pull my lashes scared me as I was concerned about losing them. As long as you use plenty of water the removal process is in fact very gentle and I very rarely see a lash come off with the mascara.

    I cannot rave about this mascara enough. It has opened up a whole new range of makeup opportunities for me, taking me from day to night effortlessly all for a high street price tag.

    Click the link below to read reviews for yourself:
    L’Oreal Paris Double Extension Beauty Mascara Tube Black 2 x 7ml

    Are there any lifesaving beauty products that you’ve tried recently? Let me know! 



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