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January 6, 2018 Lifestyle
Happy new year - resolutions

New years resolutions. Do you make them? The new year is a great opportunity to feel as though you’re starting totally fresh. I’ve always made pretty standard new years resolutions, lose weight, start running, get fit etc. But this year I found myself drawn to more specific resolutions. Ones I feel I can actually keep and will easily become a part of my lifestyle.

My first new year’s resolution was one I appropriated and adapted from Zanna Van Djik, the health and fitness Youtuber and author. To replace my morning scrolling with an activity for myself. It’s no lie that you’ll never find me far from my phone and the first thing I do in the morning is roll over, reach for it and then proceed to check through ALL of my social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterest and sometimes even YouTube. I would start the day lusting over the lives of others, living in a virtual reality. It was time to wake up in a more mindful way and put myself in a positive headspace to start the day. The scrolling needed to stop.

My second resolution is working towards something I feel very passionate about, cleaning up the oceans (and the whole planet for that matter). Litter is a big problem in our seas, our cities and our countryside. Not only does it look unsightly but more importantly it can have a devastating impact on wildlife. Whenever I go to the beach, without doubt, I will see plastic bottles, bundles of tangled fishing wire and rusty bits of metal. So I pledged to pick up at least two pieces of litter wherever I go. Some days I can pick up more but I was conscious to not make a pledge I couldn’t stick to, such as picking up all the litter I see. If everyone picked up even just one piece of litter a day the planet would be a much cleaner and safer place for all of us that live here.


Happy new year - labradoodle chocolate


My new year’s resolutions wouldn’t be complete without something health related. I’ve tried crash new year diets and making commitments to run every day or pick up a new sport only to find they fizzle out relatively quickly. Whilst listening to a podcast by The Doctors Kitchen the phrase ‘eat the rainbow’ stuck in my mind. Over the next day or so I decided that I would focus on a plate of colour rather than calories. Not only does an emphasis on colour ensure you are eating a variety of micronutrients and getting in plenty of fruit and vegetables but it also takes away the very negative behaviour of counting calories. For some reason, the concept of eating for colour really resonated with me. I felt inspired. I love to cook and the thought of creating dishes based on the rainbow had me excited to get back to a healthier diet. Stay tuned for some recipes based on this concept.

What are your new year’s resolutions? Let me know in the comments! 


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  2. I did not make any New Years resolutions for 2018. Maybe because I always find it too hard to stick with them!? I don’t know, but I did enjoy reading yours, thanks for sharing.’

    • Sophia says:

      I had that feeling too but I feel I’ve made ones that are quite doable for a change! I’m also not beating myself up if there are times when I don’t stick to them. They’re more a NEw Years Guide haha! x Thanks for reading Nicci!

      Sophia x

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