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  • What do you give to a mum who has everything?

    Mothers Day gift guide

    Mothers day is just around the corner, a time to celebrate all that is motherhood and give thanks to those we see as our motherly figure. But what can you give to a mother who has everything?!

    Gift giving can be hard, especially when money is a limiting factor and we are surrounded by commercialised media trying to persuade us to buy more and more. But it doesn’t need to be this way. In my experience the best mothers day gifts have been those that have come from the heart, they may have no monetary value but are special to us just the same. Here a few mothers day gift ideas that I know my mum will appreciate.


    Give her the gift of memories 
    ‘A picture tells a thousand words’ or so at least they say. It’s not until you sit down and think that you realise quite how many amazing memories you and your mother both share. Bring these memories back to life with a simple scrapbook and re-live them once again. Then, continue to make more memories! Fill book after book with your adventures together and look back on those times in future years together.

    Mothers Day gift idea


    Give her the gift of time 
    Especially as we grow older and embark on a journey into our own lives it’s all too easy to spend less and less time with the ones we love. Time is very precious, we only have a finite amount, so put some aside and spend it with your mum doing whatever it is you both like to do. Be that gardening, shopping, drinking a nice cup of tea or sharing a bottle of your favourite wine. (I know my mum and I will be doing the latter)


    Give her the gift of words
    Growing up I always wanted to buy the card with the most pages, you know the ones with all the nice words written out into its own little book. At the time this felt like the best show of my appreciation and it wasn’t until I grew older that I realised how hollow these words really were, even if I the thought behind them was well meaning. In my opinion, a short, handwritten couple of lines can hold so much more meaning than pages of pre-written script. I now spend less on the card and more time on the contents, filling it with my own thank you and memories. Words can be given in so many different ways, from simply telling your mum how much she means to you to more creative approaches like letter-boards and light boxes.

    Mothers Day gift guide 2018


    Mothers day means something different to each and every one of us, so whatever it is you choose to do I hope you have a very special day.


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        March 7, 2018 / 9:44 am

        Aww thank you Alys 🙂 xx

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