Mini Lush Easter Haul 2017

April 5, 2017 Lifestyle, Review

I love a bath. Like, really love a bath so whenever lush has a new seasonal range I do my little happy dance and head on down for a bit of retail therapy. I’m fortunate enough to have the Oxford Street store as my local, and as soon as I step through those heavenly scented doors I’m like a kid in a candy shop. I could have done some serious damage but decided to restrain myself to four products and with the help of the lovely sales assistant we narrowed the easter range down to the following four.

Firstly, and probably most obviously, I had to pick up a golden egg. The golden egg was one of the first Lush products that I ever tried and as I sat in the golden glittery water I wished a sparkly bath every day. The golden egg is a bath bomb melt, meaning it contains cocoa butter that melts away leaving you with sensuously soft skin. If you’ve ever tried handling one of these you’ll know how glittery they are and once dissolved in the water you are left bathing in a river of gold. Heavenly.

Next up was this cute little guy, the Chick ‘n’ Mix, a good old fashion bath bomb. This guy is huge and you could easily split him in half and have two baths. With the uplifting scent of bergamot, this bath bomb is sure to leave you zinging. The sales assistant described this as a more savoury scent, resembling incense rather than the sweet smells incorporated into a lot of the Lush range. Along with the promise of a little surprise I also fell in love with his cute wonky eyes and I had to take him home. (I used this one last night and it left the water a sort of swampy green… I wasn’t digging the ShrekΒ vibes and so wouldn’t repurchase.)

There were a lot of egg-shaped goodies to choose from but the Big Blue Egg stood out to me. Also a bath bomb and full of lovely sea salt and seaweed this bomb promises a sea blue bath with scents of lavender and lemon oil…Β mmmm. I loved watched the seaweed as it emerged from the bomb, it left me bathing in crystal blue water and reminded me of holidays in the Maldives.

Finally,Β I needed some bubbles and so couldn’t resist picking up a bunch of carrots. This re-usable bubble bar is just so adorable, the three brightly coloured carrots dangle daintily from their string and promise to give oodles of soft citrus bubbles.

I hope you enjoyed a little look into the Lush Easter 2017 range! What are your favourite Lush products?

Sophia xx


  1. Candice says:

    How clever! These would make great gifts for Easter!

  2. Laurali Star says:

    This is really, really cute! Going to share it on Pinterest, if I can πŸ™‚

    ~Laurali Star

  3. Wow I love lush so much! I’m actually currently in a tiny town in France and I noticed that they had a LUSH. I’m going to go check to see if they have these easter decorations and stuff tomorrow

  4. Mattie says:

    These look awesome! Thanks for sharing these, I’ll have to get some πŸ™‚ xx

  5. Emma says:

    That golden egg reminds me of the one in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, hahah xx

    Emma |

  6. How cute are these??!!!!! These are super fun and so adorable x

  7. says:

    This range is amazing, I’m always tempted to try bite or lick their products because they looks so yummy and eatable haha.
    Great post. Xx

  8. Nita says:

    This is awesome!😍😍 I can almost feel it on my skin..😁😁

  9. abbeylouisarose says:

    Your photography is so gorgeous for this post, everything is so bright and beautiful! I think that Lush have pulled it out of the bag with their Easter range, the carrots and the golden egg are both fab!

    Abbey πŸ¦„

  10. These are so bloody cute! I particularly love the carrots… This has made me really want a bath! (: xx

  11. ForgetfulBlogger says:

    YOUR whole blog is so pretty! I love how colourful it is and your photography is great! 😊

  12. Sounds lush (see what I did there? Ha.) I think I’ll give the big blue egg a go πŸ™‚ does it have glitter in or just seaweed pieces?
    Cora ❀

  13. They look amazing! I have actually never used Lush bath bomb coz I never had a bathtub but now I do… feel like i’ll pop by Lush ahah!! xx Corinne

    • Sophia says:

      I don’t have a bathtub when I’m in London, I have to come home to my parent’s house to use theirs. I just can’t go without a bath for too long they’re so relaxing πŸ˜› xx

  14. I’m so jealous Oxford Street is your local Lush, it’s INCREDIBLE in there! I’m slowly working my way through the easter collection, I’m not brave enough to use my Golden Egg yet though, the cleaning up after will be a nightmare!

  15. I bought my nana a bundle and her reaction was absolute priceless! I love the look of those carrots though 😊 x
    Lola Mia //

  16. Emma says:

    The golden egg bombs are soooo stunning I love them! Great post! x

  17. Marina Rosie says:

    I SO badly want this collection, their easter stuff is always so cute! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

  18. I love Lush bath products. Not only are they phenomenal for your skin but their adorable designs make them perfect to display as bathroom home decor.

  19. Lacee says:

    I love the colors of these too!! I bet they smell great. πŸ™‚

  20. Anna nuttall says:

    I keep meaning to go into Easter. This is a very nice haul. xx

  21. Olivia says:

    Oh my!!! Love these photos!! You have tempted me to go to Lush now! I haven’t been in so long!!! But these bath goodies look too good to not get!

  22. Lea says:

    I’m soooo jealous! I don’t have a bathtub in my flat so the only time I get to buy myself some bath bombs is when we go on holiday. All the stuff sounds amazing!
    Lea, xx

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