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  • Manifesting My Dreams Of Travelling & Van Life

    Manifesting My Dreams Of Travelling & Van Life

    If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the last few years it’s that I have a passion for travel. Unfortunately, like most people, my ambition to explore the world is often curtailed by very tight purse strings, but that doesn’t stop me fantasizing about the future and as a big believer in manifesting your desires I see no harm in thinking about what my future travel plans will be.

    On many a starry night sat on the beach in Brighton, often with a beer in hand, Ed and I have allowed ourselves to dream about what our travel plans would look like. Even a little drunk and fantasizing about what travel would be like with infinite finances we both still come out wanting to explore the world on four wheels in the form of a self converted van.

    To us van life represents so much more than the convenience of a home on wheels, it’s a lifestyle shift, a chance to rebalance our priorities, to live life more slowly and to become immersed in every country we visit. Van life is about spontaneous side street detours, that extra night somewhere we both have fallen in love with, the chance to meet like-minded free-spirited souls all the philosophy that the journey is just as important as the destination.

    With any luck, our van life journey is set to begin later this year right here in the UK as we save for and build out our own vehicle. The plan is to look at purchasing a long-wheelbase Ford Transit, something second hand but with low mileage that will provide us with the space we need to build out a long term living space.

    With the essentials in place, our adventures can begin, starting with all that we have to see on our doorstep here in the UK. Climbing trips to Wales and Scotland are definitely on the cards as well as a picturesque tour of Scotlands own answer to Route 66 – The North Coast 500.

    Camber Sands

    Having taken advantage of the adventures on our doorstep the plan is to start driving further afield starting with a short ferry hop over to France for a long season climbing in Fontainbleue, followed by a year-long round trip through Europe, finishing up back on English soil.

    Fontainebleau Forest

    From the UK we can rest and recuperate ready for our biggest journey yet – to Canada, the US and South America.

    You may think us crazy but Eamon and Bec, experienced van lifers, have proven this possible, and the plan is to put our tiny home on wheels onto a container ship to meet us for the start of our journey in Canada. With the van set off to sea with a significant head start, we can get together all the documents for the visa Canada requires whilst preparing for our upcoming tour down through the US and into South America.

    Reunited with our tiny home in Canada the plan is to start living life slowly once more, taking in all the culture, the sights, the cuisine and the atmosphere as we trace our way south, across the American border, down the West Coast of America through Portland, San Fransico, making a detour to Vegas and then back to Los Angeles before heading on into Mexico.

    From Mexico, it’s south again, through Panama, down to Columbia, on to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina before heading North once more back up to America, this time following the start of the East Coast to New Orleans before heading north to Chicago and journeying back into Canada through Toronto.

    Back where we started it’s another container trip for our tiny home where we’ll meet her back in the UK once more.

    After some time back in the UK recuperating funds and getting our next set of visas in order, the plan is to set the van to sea once again, this time to a place very special in Ed’s heart, Australia.

    When it comes to Australia, Ed will be our tour guide, and with the bikes, onboard, we’re set for a year of reunions, riding and exploration in a country that we’d both one day like to call home.

    Having made it this far across the ocean it would rude not to tie in New Zealand for this leg of the trip, before once again setting sail back to the UK to regroup and recentre.

    Of course, plans change and at present much of this is little more than a dream, but remember, a dream without a plan is just a wish – so watch this space.



    1. January 26, 2020 / 5:24 pm

      This sounds great! I love watching Eamon & Bec on YouTube and their videos show me that I can achieve my van life dreams one day. This is a lovely post!

      • Sophia
        February 2, 2020 / 3:23 pm

        Thank you!

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