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  • I’ve fallen in love with water

    I love water camber

    71% of our beautiful planet is covered in water – growing up by the sea I never truly appreciated the wonder on my doorstep, until I moved away from it that is. Now I find myself going back there again and again just to soak up the sounds of the waves and the smell of the ocean air. 

    Water love sea

    Water is such a vital part of our planet and is host to a diverse range of plants and animals that I would love to know more about. 

    Learning to dive comes pretty high on my bucket list. The freedom to visit an underwater art gallery filled with beautiful lifeforms that are just not given the justice they deserve on our TV screens. I have been lucky enough to snorkel a couple of the reefs that surround the islands of the Maldives but am determined to return and experience them in their full glory with an oxygen tank on my back to allow me full immersion into their diverse underwater world.

    Maldives Kuramathi

    Another thing on my bucket list is to stay in an underwater hotel. I can think of nothing more magical than waking up as though immersed in a fish tank, the glistening turquoise water and its inhabitants lying at the foot of my bed. I could sit for days and stare into my own garden pond and the rock-pools by the sea, so I can only imagine an underwater hotel experience to be out of this world and a once in a lifetime experience.

    Although a relatively sedate person I’ve also found myself longing for a more active holiday, one in which I learn to surf the waves and become a part of the sea. More and more these days I’ve found myself thinking that I only live once and if learning to surf is one of my dreams then I have to make it happen, even if that means falling on my face a couple of times.

    The final way I’ve dreamed of seeing more of our planet’s waterways is on a cruise. Cruises are great for not only seeing the world’s oceans but also its rivers, click here to read more on river cruises and a whole new type of holiday. I remember once walking along the canals in London and thinking to myself how I would love to explore them aboard a canal boat, to moor in a different place every night and to explore the best that the UK river system has to offer.

    Do you love the water? Let me know in the comments below.



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