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  • Links of London -A Gift Idea for Her

    Links of London -A Gift Idea for Her

    My boyfriend is appalling at buying presents. I found this out relatively early into our relationship when he took me to buy my own Christmas presents a week before the big day, as it was just all too confusing for him (despite me having written a very specific list on his request).

    As a result, I  purchased myself some glittery Lush bath bombs and some intensely dark chocolate from Hotel Chocolat and left feeling a bit cheated out of the magic that comes with a thoughtful gift. Seeing my disappointment he asked again, despite the list, what I would have wanted and I told him that anything thoughtful would have made my day such as, my favourite flowers, a candle in my favourite scent or my favourite chocolates that HE had picked out. He wasn’t quite getting it. He couldn’t seem to understand why something with a limited life such as chocolate and flowers constituted a good investment. Realising that a compromise needed to be made I pointed out that one of the other things that I am always drawn to is classic jewellery.

    Finally! Hallelujah! A breakthrough. He got to spend money on something timeless and I got to wear something pretty. Compromise. But he had to choose it (oh no). With an array of horrifically tacky jewellery out there I felt the need to steer him in the right direction and by that I mean directly onto the Links of London website.

    I woke up on Christmas day to a very smug boyfriend and the most beautiful bracelet I have ever owned. I wear jewellery every day, not a lot, just a little but once I find something that makes me feel fabulous I wear it every day until it becomes as much a part of my morning routine as brushing my teeth.

    My collection of Links jewellery has since grown with other relatives bolstering the collection but the two pieces bought for me by Nick are my resounding favourites.


    Both from the Aurora collection, the simplicity of these pieces is exactly what I love the most. The rose gold and silver compliment every outfit from day to night, casual to formal. The timeless interlocking circles glisten under the sunlight thanks to their textured surfaces and dance gently against the skin as you dance.


    The chain of the necklace is fine and delicate with enough adjustable length to fit the majority of necklines. The fastening is hall-marked not only with the usual metal identification but also the Links of London three ring emblem ensuring that the jewellery can be traced back to its prestigious roots.

    I think that what I love most about Links of London is that you can get exquisite quality jewellery for a very reasonable price, with the cost of both these pieces together totalling shy of £200. Although not the priciest jewellery on the Links of London website, by a long shot, the joy these pieces bring to me is priceless.




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