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  • Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas That They’ll Love

    Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas That They’ll Love

    Let’s face it, sometimes Christmas can run away with us and before we know it, we’re 7 days away from the big day and the space under the tree is still looking pretty sparse. If, like me, you still have a bit of Christmas shopping to do but time is running out then, here are a few last-minute gift ideas that always go down a treat.

    For the foodie

    As a self-confessed foodie, I can tell you that a beautifully wrapped hamper filled with locally made delights (and maybe a bottle of something fizzy nestled amongst the filling) will always go down a treat. There’s something very special about locally produced, small-batch produce and the foodie in your life will appreciate the chance to try something that maybe they wouldn’t normally treat themselves too. A little jar of honey, some hand-made chocolates and a bottle of English dessert wine are a great trio for a sweets lover, while craft beer, some artisan crackers and a small selection of local cheeses will satisfy a more savoury craving.


    For the eco-warrior

    2019 has been the year of climate awareness and more people than ever are taking steps to reduce their impact on our fragile planet. If you know someone who is making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint then a few thoughtful eco gifts will help them on their journey to sustainability. For the makeup lover, a set of reusable makeup pads will help them to reduce their consumption of makeup wipes or cotton pads. For the keen cook, a set of beeswax wraps can help them to cut down on their use of plastic wrap and tin foil. For the coffee drinker, a re-usable coffee cup can help them to save hundreds of coffee cups from going to landfill and for the plastic preventer, a set of reusable metal straws and cutlery can help them to prevent plastic when consuming food on the go.

    For the Instagram queen

    For the Instagram obsessed aesthetic is key, and perhaps nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than a bouquet of fresh-cut roses. Now you may be thinking that fresh cut flowers as a Christmas gift are completely absurd, but that is where Infini Roses come in. Infini has mastered the art of preserving the finest fresh cut roses in their prime state so that they last a full year without wilting or dropping a petal, making them the gift that keeps on giving and will look picture perfect again and again.

    Infini London Roses

    For the man who has everything

    The man who has everything is perhaps one of the hardest to please but thankfully there are still a few gifts to be had up your sleeve. The key to buying the man who has everything a gift is to get him something he needs but doesn’t know he needs, such as a set of item finders that can help him to locate his ever disappearing keys and wallet. These nifty devices will enable the man who has everything to ring his keys or his wallet using his smartphone, saving him hours over the course of the year looking for them!

    If all else fails

    If all else fails there’s always one more trick in the book, gift experiences. Gift experiences make fantastic presents for virtually every recipient from minimalistic millennials to adventurous aunts, difficult to buy for dads and forever friends. There truly is a gift experience out there for everyone including traditional afternoon teas, race car experiences, flight lessons, bread baking courses, spa days and family days out. For the very hard to buy you can even purchase a general experience box which allows the recipient to choose the experience they want to go on.


    So no more excuses! It’s time to pull your socks up, make a hot cup of tea and to work through that Christmas list, don’t worry, I’ll be joining you.




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