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  • January Favourites 2017

    January Favourites 2017

    January is over and I am not sad to see it go. Bring on February, Shrove Tuesday, daffodils and lambs. We need some positivity in our lives!

    This month sucked, end of discussion. I fell well and truly into the January blues as the magic of Christmas faded into the background and the inauguration of Donald Trump left me questioning humanity. Those close to me will know that I comfort shop, as well as comfort eating, comfort shopping is the act of buying things you probably don’t need, with money you probably don’t have to make yourself feel happy. As a result of this particularly gruelling month of January I did a little more comfort shopping than usual and although Asos did get a large returns order there were a few things that I purchased that actually surprised me.

    1. Asos ‘Sculpt Me’ Jeans

    I have been a long standing fan of Topshop’s Jamie and Joni Jeans, the practically spray on denim look, ultra skinny and higher rising these Topshop staples seemed to be the only jeans to fit my hourglass figure. During a lengthy Asos browsing session, I stumbled across the ‘Sculpt Me’ boasting a ‘high-performance stretch’ and ‘mid-rise waist’ I figured they should just about keep my bum at bay without leaving that awful waist gap, or the dreaded saggy thighs. For the bargain sale price of £17.50, I figured that I’d be a fool not to try them, especially given Asos’ amazing free returns policy. Admittedly they aren’t quite as super skinny as the Joni, which has a slightly higher elastane content, but they’re a great alternative to the Jamie. They keep their fit all day and the hug every curve and with actually useful pockets, unlike many jegging alternatives, they’re functional too.

    2. Asos Lifestyle Metallic Silver Holdall

    Frequently travelling from London to family back home, I found myself in need of a weekend bag. Not a tiny suitcase but a throw it over your shoulder piece that could also double as a gym bag, beach bag or any kind of ‘throw it all in’ bag. A sucker for metallic and shiny objects it was a toss up between the metallic gold or silver but ultimately the shiny silver won out. This bag is great for short breaks, with handles as well as a long cross-body strap it’s pretty comfortable to carry. The metallic finish really catches the light and it gives a little something to any travel outfit. Personally, I wear a lot of blacks and so a bright pop of metallic silver makes me look less like I work in a department store and more like I may have given a thought to this combination.

    3. Ginger 

    Not the hair colour the root. For a long time now I’ve been starting my day with warm ginger water, sometimes I add a dash of cinnamon and other days I just stick to plain old ginger. I simply slice up a few centimetres of ginger and add it to my mug or teapot, pour in the boiling water and let it brew. In an ideal world I’d probably grate it and add it to a strainer but I’m lazy and this works for me. The health benefits of ginger are well known with it helping to treat nausea, lower blood sugars and also to reduce bloating. My main motivation for drinking ginger water is that it helps me hugely with bloating and seems to aid my digestion. It isn’t some wonder cure, but anything that helps my stomach to look less like a basketball is something worth sharing.


    4. The life-changing magic of not giving a F**K

    I came home to find my mum had purchased not only ‘The life-changing magic of not giving a f**k’ but also ‘Get your Sh*t together’ by the author Sarah Knight. Clearly, she feels that there’s some room for self-improvement in her life, and I have to admit that I could see room for the idea that I could give fewer f**ks and feel a bit better about myself so I read the book from cover to cover in one sitting. It had some very laugh-out-loud moments and a lot of realism that really hit home. I finished the book and felt instantly lighter like a weight had been lifted from me. I would highly recommend it to anyone that want’s something a bit different to your traditional self-help book, with the word f**k featuring an extortionate amount of times if nothing else it’s a humorous read. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I then went on to read ‘Get your sh*t together’ so I’m basically a queen who gives zero f**ks and has all her sh*t together now right? Maybe not but I’ve taken on board some of Sarah’s priceless wisdom and feel a whole lot better.
    The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k: How to stop spending time you don’t have doing things you don’t want to do with people you don’t like

    5. Loreal Brow Artiste Genius Kit 

    It’s taken me 20 years (and Cara Delevingne breaking into the modelling world) to learn to love my brows. I plucked them, waxed them, and even shaved them into oblivion during my teenage years forever fearful that my thick slug eyebrows may be revealed. Walking into class with the bright red and ‘just waxed look’ was far preferable to the thought of natural brows. Thankfully, those days have passed and I need never heat a pot of molten pain in the microwave again. The Loreal Brow Kit is nothing revolutionary and if you’re a serious brow filler then it’s probably a bit basic for you. It contains two little sections, one is filled with a wax and the other a powder, I make a haphazard mix of both and using the tiny brush that comes with the kit I add the strokes of colour to my brows. As with most products, this is a buildable effect, I prefer a very natural look and only really fill my brows for special occasions. I, therefore don’t apply much but use it to fill out the edges and give a more defined shape. Another thing I love about this is that it is basically everything that I need for my brows in one little compact that takes up next to no room in your makeup bag, the brush and spooley sit nicely with a miniature pair of tweezers and the built-in mirror makes touch-ups effortless.


    6. Lush ‘The Comforter’ Shower Gel

    If you’ve read any of my previous favourites then you’ll know that Lush’s shower products have featured before. When I found myself in need of a renewal I decided to try something new and went for this bright pink, sweet and glittery option. As previously mentioned I love sparkles and so glitter in body products has never been off-putting for me, heck you’re in the shower it’s going to wash off anyway! The smell of this is like the sweetest berry mixture that really does make me feel comforted. It reminds me a lot of their Christmas hit SnowFairy and if you like a sweet scented product then this will be right up your street. I personally love the fact that my entire bathroom smells like a candy factory when I’ve finished in the shower though I wish the scent lingered a little longer on the skin.


    7. Strong by Zanna Van Dijk 

    Throughout my health and fitness journey (that is still ongoing btw) I’ve really gotten into fitness, food and lifestyle-related books. I’ve followed Zanna on YouTube for a while and was keen to get my hands on her book as soon as it came out. It’s a great introduction to using weights during your training, demonstrating proper form and also in cleaning up your diet, in short it’s a great all-rounder for those starting out on their own journeys. The recipes are innovative and realistic, something that you could really eat on a day to day basis with a normal budget and this is an area that I’ve found a fair few healthy diet books seem to lose track of.  As well as demonstrating certain movements there are also comprehensive workouts to follow with lots of helpful images and comments to make sure that you get the form right and avoid injury.



    So these have been my favourites for the month of January, the links to all products are below in the gallery! Has anything made its way onto your favourites list this month? Let me know in the comments!


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