Is your car trying to tell you something?

August 9, 2017 Lifestyle
Use your senses know your car

I’ll confess, I like cars. I may not be a full blown petrol head but I certainly appreciate the roar of an engine and that feeling of pure adrenaline that races through your body when you’re having a really good drive. I’ve been driving for a little under five years now and in that time have become very in tune with my vehicle, I can smell, feel, sense when something isn’t right, when my car isn’t performing its best and when it might be time to take a look under the bonnet. Here’s how you can use all your senses (minus taste) to become in tune with your car, to feel when it’s under the weather and keep yourself safe.

Listen to your car, safety, care


Perhaps the most obvious of the senses, sight, what can you see? Don’t ignore those warning lights, even if they have been there for a few weeks and you don’t really know what they mean. Have a good look around your windscreen, if that isn’t bird poop, but in fact a chip, then get it seen to before it cracks. Make an effort to walk around your car, check the tyres, the lights, the windscreen wipers. The more often you do this, the easier it is for you to start spotting when something isn’t quite right.


Now an abnormal sound is a tell tale sign that something might not be right with your car. You wouldn’t ignore your voice if it suddenly jumped three octaves so don’t ignore your car. If you start hearing a loud roaring noise then your exhaust could be broken, this is not only a loud inconvenience but also a danger to you and your passengers. You can get your car exhaust replacement in Dundee at Fife Autocentre. 


Is something burning? Abnormal smells in your car could be an indication of an unhappy clutch or leaky oil. If you start to smell burning of any kind whilst driving pull over immediately. Let the car cool down whilst you assess the situation, look on the floor to see if any oil patches appear, lift the bonnet to see if there’s any smoke, check your water levels etc.


Touch is something that comes with time and the experience of your vehicle. I can tell immediately if my car doesn’t feel right, it could be an unusual vibration beneath the pedals or a pulling sensation at the wheel. A pulling sensation could mean a flat tyre and an unusual vibration could mean that the engine isn’t functioning properly. Either way, pull over to be safe and call a mechanic if it isn’t a problem that you yourself can rectify.


Do you feel in tune with your car? Let me know in the comments!



* This post was kindly sponsored by Fife Autocentre, but all opinions and information as always is my own. 


  1. Jenny says:

    Great tips, I am useless when it comes to cars, I tend to still ask my dad for help! I do try to keep an eye on my car though as it can be temperamental

  2. Nita says:

    This is a really great blog post , i don’t have a car yet but i definitely learnt a lot! thanks for sharing

  3. This is a helpful post! I used to have a problematic car and I literally relied on my senses to tell what could’ve been wrong. Alas, I got a new one early this year 🙂

    Your writing is really good too.

  4. SO SO helpful!!!! I am always somehow having some small discussions with my car, as sometimes it gets in trouble, not working properly!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  5. Alvin Lau says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I have a few chips on my windscreen due to stones. If it gets worse I’ll have to change it.

  6. Ana says:

    I don’t drive as much as I used to, but maybe someday I will use your tips 😉

  7. Abi says:

    It’s so nice to see a car post by a female! I’m also quite into my car and this info is so important! Great post 🙂

  8. Lea says:

    Such a cool post. It’s something some of do all the time but never thought of sharing my experience on the blog. Such a good idea and thanks for sharing. I imagine this is really helpful to new drivers.
    Lea, xx

    • Sophia says:

      Thank you, Lea! I wish I’d read more about cars as a new driver, instead I kind of took the what you don’t know can’t hurt you approach 😛

  9. Kerri says:

    This is so useful for me! I grew up with a mechanic for a brother and he did everything for me…so now I know nothing! Love the simplicity of this guide. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Helene says:

    That’s a great tactic to check out car’s condition. If you can’t see any problem you might be able to smell or to hear something different and then to check it further.

  11. Sian Emma says:

    Great tips! My car actually has actually just died for me and is heading for the scrapyard now, maybe these tips could’ve helped me before 🙂 Very helpful post X

  12. Claire says:

    Recently this is so true for me since I just got my car parts fixed. I barely know anything about cars, so I try to avoid any troubles. When I find something strange I go straight to the mechanics! haha.

  13. cflyb says:

    Thanks for sharing,Really Nice Article !keep up the good work.

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