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  • How I Treat Myself In The Midst Of The Winter Blues

    How I Treat Myself In The Midst Of The Winter Blues

    Gosh, January felt like a long month didn’t it? And February is still feeling pretty long too. With the rain gusting against my window as I write this, summer really couldn’t feel any further away and I find myself pining for a holiday and some much-needed winter sun. Sadly, a sunshine holiday is firmly off the cards and so it’s just me against the weather and these dark winter days. To keep my sanity and spirits up, the past few weeks have been firmly all about ‘self-care’, which for me means treating myself to little things that make me happy in a vague attempt to keep the winter blues at bay. Self-care can mean different things to different people, but here are some of the things I do when I’m feeling blue.

    I go climbing

    Climbing has been a life save for me this winter, getting me out of the house, even on the shortest winter days, and putting me into an environment where uplifting music is playing, people are socialising and we can all forget the rain pouring outside. As a great workout, I always leave the bouldering gym with sore limbs and a happy heart, ready to snuggle up on the sofa for a quick hour of TV before going to bed.

    I cook

    I love cooking at the best of times, but there’s something very wholesome about cooking a hearty, warm meal for loved ones or friends when the weather outside is cold and grey. This winter, my partner and I have been working our way through some of the great recipes from Gousto, tending to stick to those with plenty of spice, to bring us some warmth from within. They never take longer than about 45 minutes which makes them perfect for popping in before or after we go climbing and with each batch perfectly portioned out, we’ve cut down our food-waste too.

    I get a massage

    Although a trip to the spa does sound heavenly, I’m trying to save money at the moment and so all massages must occur in-house. Thankfully, my partner is on board with the idea of winter massages and so we take it in turns to give the other person a firm back massage, hitting those knots and trigger points that have formed from tension throughout the day.

    I buy myself flowers

    I love Daffodils, in fact, they’re my favourite flower. Every year I watch the flower-section of my local supermarket like a hawk, waiting for the first stems to come out and as soon as they do, I grab 3 bunches and fill every vase in my home with their inconspicuous green stems. The next day, I come down the stairs to be greeted by a swathe of joyful yellow heads and I have to say it never fails to make me smile. Daffodils, to me, are symbolic of spring, and at just £1 a bunch they’re an affordable flower to buy too – which has reminded me, I need to get some new bunches in.

    I sit with a hot water bottle

    Yes, I am a self-confessed grandma, but seriously, I sit with a hot water bottle most days, in fact, I have one right now. I tend to find that I feel cold very easily in the winter, and being cold is miserable, and a hot water bottle is just the perfect way to feel snuggled up and warm. I love sitting with it at the base of my back while I work, simultaneously easing my lower back pain from poor typing posture whilst making me feel like the sun is shining on my back. I also love to take one to bed too, where my partner and I then fight to put our cold feet on it at the end of the bed.

    I go internet shopping for summer clothes

    A guilty pleasure of mine is to sit for quite literally hours looking at summer and holiday clothing adding it to my favourites list and every so often treating myself to something that isn’t a big woolly jumper, ready for the warmer days ahead. As I’m getting older I’m realising the benefit of paying just a little more for good quality clothing and so if you are searching for a cute little short dress, then take a look at brands like Twinset. Having had so many cheap items that don’t quite fit properly or die in their first wash, it’s often better to save and then splurge on something that will last. So put the research in now, let yourself dream a little and then have something to look forward to this coming spring.

    I go outside

    Regardless of the weather, I try to go outside at least once every day, spending as much time as I can outside at weekends. There’s something immensely satisfying about coming in from a blustery walk and I always feel better from even just a half hours worth of fresh air.

    Of course, self-care means very different things to different people, but for me, these are a few of the things I like to try – please share yours!


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