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  • How Do Blogs Become Full-Time Businesses?

    How Do Blogs Become Full-Time Businesses?

    Blogging is often seen as a hobby; potentially a hobby that can generate a (sometimes very lucrative) income, but still something that is done alongside a day job rather than replacing it – a balance that undoubtedly works very well for many bloggers. 

    However, some blogs transcend the “hobby” descriptor and become full-time occupations. If you’ve ever been curious about how this happens, or what it takes for a blog to make it that far, then you should find the following information interesting… 

    Time dedication

    If a blog is going to generate a full-time wage, then it will require a huge amount of time to be dedicated to it. Essentially, blogs that become full-time occupations are businesses, which means they have to be treated as such; they can’t be worked on “as and when”, instead bloggers have to dedicate a substantial amount of time in their schedule to ensure their blog receives the attention it needs to go pro. 

    Generating an income

    Full-time blogging is just that, full-time, which takes a lot of commitment. Blogs must be managed daily and implementing SEO tips found on the likes of https://millennialmoney.com/, requires a significant portion of their time. On top of all the general maintenance that must go into a blog, the blogger must also spend time on content creation itself, whilst always remaining mindful of their need to generate an income.

    So how do full-time bloggers generate enough income to sustain their lifestyle? Well, here are a few common income options bloggers can use: 

    • Sponsored post with brands
    • Brand collaborations 
    • Offering additional content to Patreon subscribers 
    • Generating revenue from advertising; either using Google Adsense or selling ad space on their blog directly to advertisers
    • Writing ebooks or opening eCommerce stores that they promote on their blog
    • Selling courses relating to the topic of their blog

    To generate enough income from their blog, most bloggers will use a blend of the above options, combining smaller income streams to make a more substantial living wage.

    Planning and management 

    Finally, full-time blogging requires a huge amount of planning and management, just as would be necessary for any business. 

    Bloggers will usually map out their content far in advance and will ensure they always have at least a few posts ready to go at any point in time; they also need to create enough content to cover their absence if they’re planning a vacation or time off in the future. In addition, bloggers need to manage the admin related to their blog, using the likes of https://www.templafy.com/ to manage documentation for brand sponsorship agreements and similar deals and keeping track of all of their blog’s income and expenditure so that they’re prepared when it comes to tax season.

    In conclusion

    Turning a blog into a full-time income is not necessarily the simplest of paths to take, and many people fail to realise the time they need to invest to take their blog from a hobby to their full-time job, that being said, more people than ever are still managing to do so. So if you’re thinking of making the switch, then don’t be put off, commit to it wholeheartedly and you may be surprised where the journey takes you.


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