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  • Hiring a Regular Content Writer Doesn’t Need to Cost the Earth

    person with difficulty and questions in studies

    I’ve been a freelance content writer for a little under two years now and one of the most common roadblocks I come across with small businesses is the misconception that good content writing is out of their budget.

    Perhaps it’s Fiverr writers boasting about their monthly incomes, or maybe these businesses have never actually asked a content writer for their rates, but more often than not they’re astounded to find out that high-quality, bi-weekly content writing can cost them as little as £100 per month.

    Is that good value?

    Well, it depends on how you look at it.

    That £100 will buy you two pieces of high-quality, keyword-driven content. In itself, this may just look like words on a page. But these words have very special powers.

    Beneath the surface, that £100 not only buys you content, but it also buys you brand awareness, brand authority, trust, organic leads, website traffic and SEO. All neatly wrapped up in an informative little parcel ready for your target audience to digest.

    person with difficulty and questions in studies
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    Is Bi-Weekly Content Enough?

    Another very common misconception is that businesses need to be pushing out tons and tons of content in order to reach their marketing goals. The truth is, content is only valuable if it is of good quality and so it’s much better to produce two pieces a month than to push out a badly written article with no direction once every few days.

    As a start, I always recommend a bi-weekly content schedule for small businesses because it is manageable and affordable. This can always be increased to a weekly or even twice-weekly schedule if your business has lots to talk about and a lot of topics that you want to cover quickly.

    What Should You Be Writing About?

    No matter your business or niche, there’s always something you can be writing about. Take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of your target customer.

    What questions would they likely be asking the internet?

    For example; if you are a gluten-free cake company, then your customers are likely searching for:

    • Gluten-free recipes
    • How to make their own gluten-free bread
    • Gluten-free birthday party ideas
    • The best gluten-free restaurants in X

    By writing content that answers these questions you put yourself directly in front of your target audience. You’re not being pushy about what you sell, you’re simply helping them to answer their question, earning you their trust, establishing your voice within your niche, and consequently leading them through your own sales funnel.

    Ready to Start Publishing Your Own Content?

    Whether you’ve tried content marketing before or are completely new to it, let me help you to get your brand and voice heard. Drop me a message at [email protected] and you’ll be one step closer to an active blog and inbound marketing strategy.

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