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  • Harmonics in Space – True Zen in London

    Now Exhibition London

    I vow to always be 100% truthful with my readers. So I best disclose that I’m writing this after a few more than a couple of G&T’s. Why? Because it’s Friday and I’ve just smashed another week of adulthood. (Editors note, it was when this post was scheduled)  

    You may be wondering how my alcohol consumption and Friday feeling have anything to do with this post. Well, I can tell you now it has everything to do with this post because without an hours break in this wonderful exhibition it could have been a very different Friday indeed.

    Now Exhibition London

    I was fortunate enough to spend Wednesday and Thursday at the ExCel centre in London at a Marketing Expo. Two days of hustle, bustle and seminars as I absorbed the wisdom of those in the Marketing world who have been there, done that and got the T-Shirt before me.

    On Wednesday afternoon as 4 pm loomed I felt truly exhausted. I’m an introvert by nature and here I was in a very extroverted environment. Speaking, smiling, selling, acting all day long. I was done. A colleague and friend suggested we get the cable car back across the river, it was a lovely experience and ended with us at North Greenwich, where we found this exhibition.

    Looking through the glass we could see people lounging, headphones on, they looked so serene, we had to go in. There weren’t any headphones left but the soft touch of the foam mats was calling me so we went in without them.


    Just… wow.

    The artist had created a space to zen the modern human.

    I sat down, my origami paper in hand and began to create a shape I’ve learnt since childhood, one of those origami shapes we made back in the 90’s, you know the ones where you have a number then a colour and somehow predicted someone’s future. Yep, one of those.

    Raija, next to me, made a much more elegant crane.

    Now Exhibition London

    The lady at the door gestured to me to collect a set of headphones that had just become available, we put them on and were transported to another world. The room came alive. The cosmic sounds beat loud in our ears, the sound of chatter disappeared and we could truly take in the beautiful colour of the shapes above us.

    I sat back against a foam spike, listened and absorbed.

    It was beautiful.

    Now Exhibition London

    I described it to my friends as an adult soft play but it was so much more than that. I was a chance to disconnect from the world outside. To just enjoy colour, space, sound and texture.

    I felt free.

    If you want to check out the exhibition for yourself it’s on at The Now Gallery until the 29th April 2018


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