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  • Grwyne Fawr – The Brecon Beacons

    Grwyne Fawr –  The Brecon Beacons

    Have you ever set foot in a place that instantly puts your soul to rest?

    I have, and most recently, found this blissful internal peace in the Grwyne Fawr valley.

    Ed and I first stumbled across the mossy hillsides of Grywne Fawr by accident while searching for a place to park up for the night. We trusted the sat-nav as it took our giant van down increasingly narrow lanes until we popped out into an unexpected car park.

    We arrived in darkness and had no idea of the beauty that awaited us. The following morning, we pulled the van door back to reveal towering pine trees, moss-covered rock walls, and a winding valley that wouldn’t have been out of place in The Lord of the Rings.

    Little did we know that our gorgeous camp spot was just the tip of what Grwyne Fawr had to offer.

    As we climbed the hillside in search of the reservoir, we kept thinking we’d seen the best that this location had to offer, only to turn the corner and see a view even more breathtaking.

    By the time we reached the top, we’d stopped to gaze at the landscape at least a dozen times, culminating in a rewarding view down across the valley from the walled walkway of the reservoir.

    Did we take a swim? Of course, we did! The water was icy cold, but the experience was too breathtaking to miss.

    Leaving the tranquillity of these hills behind felt like leaving a part of my soul, and I didn’t feel a sense of fullness again until we returned in early April this year.

    While I know that Wales has many awe-inspiring views to offer, Grwyne Fawr will always have a special place in my heart. The pictures I have here do not in any way do this place justice; I wanted to absorb every moment and ended up forgetting to get my phone out to take any more images from the top. So enjoy these pictures of Fenn instead.

    If you do get a chance to visit this wondrous landscape, then remember to leave no trace.


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