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  • Fitness on demand with ESquared – a review

    Esquared review

    I’ve only ever held a gym membership once in my life, an expensive twin membership with my mum to our local health club. We went religiously for about two months but eventually, our commitment dwindled until finally the direct debit was the only part of us still going. It turns out that my own experience is reflected throughout the UK with Brits spending £558 million each year on unused gym memberships and 1 in 10 saying they haven’t been for over a year!

    I love the idea of a gym membership, the same way I love the idea of having the latest music on demand through Spotify and a ready to watch TV series through Netflix but I just know I wouldn’t use it to its full potential and I’d be left short of pocket.

    So what’s the solution here, where is this post going? Well… a couple of weeks ago a little birdie told me about a new App that’s hitting the fitness world, an App that allows its users to book premium two-hour gym sessions or one-off fitness classes at some of the most prestigious health clubs and gyms without any commitment. ESquared. 

    ESquared review App filters

    At first, I was a little sceptical, of course, you can book a one of gym session but I bet you’d be paying a fortune for it! Wrong. Surprisingly I found most sessions to be under £10 with the more expensive ones being at premium times and for more specialist classes. For example, a two-hour gym session at Ozone Leisure Club which is inside a four-star hotel in Kings Cross, at peak time (5.30pm) with a gym, pool, sauna, steam room, towels provided and top class service, is only £8.50. This drops to nearer £5 if you go in the morning or during more off-peak times.

    From hot yoga to high-intensity boot-camps, there’s a class or a session for everyone. If like me, you are looking for a more relaxing two-hours, perhaps one with a sauna, a steam room and a pool, then you can apply these filters (amongst many others) to find a gym with the facilities you need to get the most out of your sessions. Once decided, simply add credit to the App, choose your session time, confirm your booking and present the reception staff with your unique code at the start of your allotted 2-hours.

    ESquared review App filters
    Filter your results to only see venues with the facilities you want


    esquared app review
    Choose the location you want and the time to suit you.

    I really was surprised at how easy this process was, expecting some sort of membership fee to be on the App or sneaky hidden costs/limited number of sessions. I’m glad to say I was wrong and have been using the App the past few weeks to book after work swimming sessions at some beautiful hotels in central London.

    Currently, the App is populated predominantly in London, but keep your eyes peeled for listings out of the capital coming soon.

    If you’d like to see for yourself you can download the App on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for FREE and use the code SOPHIAW15 for £15 off your first session! (choose an expensive one!)

    Let me know what you think of ‘no commitment gym sessions’ and let me know how you find the App!




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