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  • Farmacy – Clean Eating in Notting Hill – A Review

    Farmacy – Clean Eating in Notting Hill – A Review

    Farmacy, a clever play on words, amalgamating pharmacy and farm into a name that kind of portrays what they’re trying to do here. The first thing you’ll read on their website is a quote from Hippocrates:

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

    A quick glance at the menu and you’ll see that healthy, nutritious cuisine is at the forefront of Farmacy’s agenda. Focusing on clean eating, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives, and chemicals Farmacy is essentially a plant-based, free-from foodie heaven. The menu is clearly marked indicating which dishes are gluten free, vegan, raw and nut free, which is something that I always commend, having spent many a dinner quizzing the poor waiter on which dishes are suitable for my fussy digestive system.

    The restaurant itself is extremely aesthetically pleasing, the green succulents, ferns and ivy contrast with clean wood and white walls. The twinkling bottles and metallic brass of the bar area amalgamate beautifully with the organic finishings in a very ‘instagramable‘ way.


    No sooner had I been seated than a waiter approached me and filled my glass with cucumber infused water, a nice touch in my opinion, though Michael Deacon in his Guardian review likened it to ‘the water in your salad drawer’ each to their own I guess.

    I decided to order the Green Eggs Bowl and a side of Sweet Potato Fries. The bowl consisted of quinoa, steamed seasonal greens, avocado and garlic aioli topped with a poached egg and sounded suitably guilt free. Although the presentation was beautiful I have to admit that I was slightly let down on opening my egg and finding it a solid lump, rather than the sumptuous yolk that I had been hoping for. Perhaps as one of the only dishes containing egg on the menu, it isn’t an art that they have yet to perfect. The greens, avocado, and aioli, however, were all spot on and my side order of sweet potato fries made perfect dipping companions, shame about the yolk.


    As well as a fully functioning restaurant Farmacy has, what appears to be, a very well stocked bar which sits at the centre of the room and has its own bar seating. Several cocktails wound their way past me during my visit, on their way to very happy consumers. Sadly on this occasion, I was not one of them, having opted for a Heart Chakra Tea, a light brew of rose, which i’m sure my liver was thanking me for.

    It will come as no surprise to those that know me that I ordered a dessert. Come on! I’m in gluten and dairy free heaven right now! Amongst the banana based icecreams, raw chocolate tarts, warm cookies, sundaes and parfait pots I spotted my idea of culinary perfection. The banoffee pie. Oh how I’ve longed to eat banoffee pie again, I nearly didn’t as it came with a hefty price tag, £10! it better be brilliant. I have to admit I wasn’t disappointed. For starters, it was big enough for two, thank-you banoffee gods, but they had also got the toffee sauce and banana filling to an absolute T. The coconut cream did an amazing job replicating dairy cream and I was left scraping every last morsel off of the plate. I can’t say how close it came to replicating a non-raw, vegan, gluten free banoffee pie because I haven’t consumed one in a very long time, but for me it was perfect. Worth the money? Probably not. Would I order it again? Yes.


    In total, my meal came to £32 which included a tea, green eggs bowl, sweet potato fries and the banoffee pie. Farmacy is not the cheapest plant-based food that you can get in London by a long way, but with fresh, organic, produce you do to an extent get what you pay for and for the freedom to eat virtually everything off of the menu I would go back again and again.


    74 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 5SH


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