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  • Easy ways to earn money from your blog

    Blogging make money

    Although blogging has always been very much a hobby for me and a way to indulge in my passion for creative writing, it has also grown into a nice little side earner that helps me with my ASOS habit and sky-high commuting costs. 

    Though these tips won’t work for everyone, if you’re just starting to think about monetising your blog then they’re a good place to start exploring.


    Join some affiliates

    If you tend to review products and services for your blog, you can make some extra money by simply adding links to your content. Through an affiliate network. An affiliate network allows you to earn money based on click-throughs from your content, and even more if you make a sale. Affiliate marketing success very much depends on the traffic your blog posts receive and the trust of your viewers. Amazon Affiliates is a great place to start as they list a ton of products but some independent brands offer their own deals too. 


    Hunt for collaborations and sponsored posts

    Hosting sponsored content and collaborating with brands is an area where you can start to make a bit more money from blogging. Understanding the best way to approach brands can be tricky, but there’s a lot of advice out there to help you out. Choose brands you’re already familiar with and have an interest in, and give them your best pitch. Don’t forget to include your links and figures and be realistic with what you’re asking in return. In the beginning be prepared to take a product in return for a post and increase your fees as your blog grows. 


    Host links on your site

    By having your own little piece of the internet you own a very valuable piece of cyberspace. Brands are willing to pay good money for a link hosted on your site. Quite often this link hosting is designed to boost the brands SEO, by having a back-link from a reputable site back to theirs they get a good rating. Some brands will ask for a link to be hosted in an old post, others will ask you to write content to make the link fit more naturally. It’s easy to get carried away with adding links to your posts but to be mindful of what you’re linking to. Gambling and tobacco-related sites or products can damage your site’s reputation in the eyes of other companies and you don’t want to start linking to content that will alienate your readers.


    But it all boils down to…

    At the end of the day to stand the best chance of making money from your blog, you’ll need a strong following. Growing your blog traffic will give you some useful stats to show to brands and PR companies to help you secure those profitable partnerships. If you’ve been nailing the basics then take the plunge and you’ll be seeing the pennies turn into pounds in no time. 



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