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  • For those who don’t do sickly Valentine’s day cards

    Valentines Day You Said It Rude Cards

    Valentine’s Day. It seems you love it or you hate it. Or at least hate the over-commercialisation and sickly messaging around it.

    Valentine’s day or St Valentine’s day is actually the celebration of love and affection, the problem is that over the years we’ve been conditioned to see it through the cuddly, snuggly, rose-tinted lens that’s been conjured up by the supermarkets and retailers to get us to buy more stuff.

    Now there’s nothing wrong with snuggly, cuddly and rose-tinted anything, if that’s what you’re into then you’re in for a treat. But for some of us, myself included, there’s just something about it that makes me feel a little bit queasy, because people show love in many different ways, and snuggly, cuddly, rose-tinted is not a one size fits all.

    I’m not a flower-hating, chocolate-loathing, card-burning cynic, in fact, I, love all of those things just not with the shroud of extra glitter, sugar-coated puppies and overly exagerated price-tag.

    So what can those of us who stifle a retch at the mere sight of a supermarket Valentines day stand do on this special day of love and affection? Well, that’s entirely up to you, but if you’d like to get someone you love a card to show you’re thinking about them, but can’t quite bring yourself to buy the overly scripted-traditional variety then I may have a solution for you.

    You Said It Rude Valentines Day cards

    Humour has always been a big part of my relationships, so why should Valentine’s day be any different. ‘You Said It’ has hit the nail on the head with their ‘alternative’ and in most cases very, very, rude, Valentine’s day cards. In fact, I struggled to find one without a profanity to photograph for this post. If you’d like a giggle then head over to their site. Be warned, unless you have a very forward thinking grandma, these probably aren’t for the mantlepiece. You Said It has kindly offered my readers 15% off their purchase with the code “bloggerv18”!

    Valentine’s Day is what you make it. If snuggly, cuddly, rose-tinted isn’t you then don’t feel obliged to follow the crowds. Do you your own thing, show love your own way.

    Sophia x


    *This post is in collaboration with You Said It. I only work with brands whose products or content I truly wish to share with you, all content and opinions are my own. 



    1. February 3, 2018 / 9:34 am

      haha im definitely more of a rude card kinda gal, i dont remember the last time i sent anything soppy. girl boss quotes all the way! just checked out their website and lol at the ‘i love your cock’ card hahaha

      katie. xx lacoconoire.com

      • Sophia
        February 5, 2018 / 10:00 pm

        OMG that one had me in creases x

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