Don’t drink and drive – staying safe after a night out

February 2, 2018 Lifestyle
Drink and drive Maplin breathalyser

Perhaps it’s my generation but I simply cannot comprehend how people used to be allowed to drink and drive. My personal rule is no alcohol at all if I’m driving, not even a small glass. It’s easier to say no alcohol than to find yourself gambling with being over the limit.

It’s all well and good not driving the night you’re drinking but what about the next morning? How do you know when the alcohol is out of your system and you’re legal to drive again? There’s a reason why police can often be found waiting on New Years Day, Boxing Day and the Monday after a festival and that’s to make sure that people have actually dropped below the limit before making their journeys home.

Despite attempts to educate people on the units found in popular drinks, it is still a game of roulette as to how much alcohol a person can take before they read as over the limit. Your weight, height and metabolism all factor into the equation and it’s just not possible to accurately guess if you’re ok to drive, or risking the lives of you and those around you.

Drink and drive Maplin breathalyser

To me, the logical answer is to remove the guesswork and for breathalysers to become commonplace in your glove box or on your keyring. This one by Maplin is the size of a key fob, it may not be the most technical on the market but a quick blow into the reader at the top and you can have a reading in seconds. With a 3-step coloured LED indication, red shows that you are over 0.05%, amber over 0.02% and green under 0.02%. The breathalyser also comes with a built-in torch and a timer which I’ve found to be really quite handy when keeping track of parking times.

Drink and drive Maplin breathalyser


Of course, these breathalysers shouldn’t be used as an accurate way to gauge your intake, the no alcohol rule is still the safest method, but if the morning after you want a bit of reassurance and you blow green then you know you’re safe to go.


Don’t be stupid. Don’t drink and drive. Take back control and get yourself a breathalyser. 



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