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March 8, 2017 Lifestyle

I’m rapidly approaching a time in my life when I will finally have control over my living space and that means one thing in my book creating a space that reflects the inner workings of my mind. I would label my style as minimal and bright but with a need for fluffy texture and lots of green plants.

Throughout university, I began to develop my own style, minimal, bright and clean with metallics and green as primary accent colours. I thrive in organised spaces, I can’t contemplate working until my environment reflects my headspace and some extensive Pinterest browsing has revealed exactly how I’d like my future home interior to look. A girl can dream, right?



Let’s start with the bedroom, the two key features here are white walls and green plants. I’ve always felt calmed and empowered by nature, bringing the outside into my home was always something that I wanted to achieve and lush green plants do this perfectly. As well as the foliage in these pictures I also like the minimal nightstands in the bottom picture, providing the illusion of more space. My bed itself will also have a minimal bed frame but make up for this with an abundance of texture from cosy blankets and pillows. For me, these would all be white, with the odd accent of grey or pastel pink. The use of a shelf to allow plants to drape above the bed is another feature I hope to be able to incorporate as I think it adds a sense of fluidity and organicness to the lines of the room.



I fell in love with the idea of plants in the bathroom whilst on holiday in the Maldives. Our shower was outside amongst the palm trees that towered above us and creepers draped the stone walls. Although taking a shower with geckos isn’t going to happen in England bringing a tropical vibe into the bathroom is still 100% possible.  I love the look of broad leaf plants contrasted with fine grasses, as seen here, and a bathroom is the perfect room for those plants that need a drop of moisture in the air.



Choosing to house search in London means that I will more than likely be living out of a shoe box, for space saving greenery I’m definitely going to invest in a few of these hanging terrariums. These would be great in the kitchen filled with a variety of fresh herbs or hung against the wall in the hallway or bedroom when floor space is limited. Another option would be to look into printed wallpaper such as this fabulous print from House of Hackney.

I’m so excited to start creating my own clean, green aesthetic and can’t wait to share the finished result with you guys but I’ve got a bit ahead of myself and for now I best focus on the house hunting.

What’s your ideal interior design style? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sophia x


  1. Kate says:

    I love all these photos and it’s a very me interior too! X


  2. Maddie says:

    Love all of these, so simple and chic, and organised – I’m the same as you and can’t get anything done when my bedroom is a mess, it stresses me out!

    Maddie x |

  3. Anna says:

    Love filling rooms with plants and foliage! Some lovely ideas to make me want to redecorate asap!


  4. Tatiana says:

    A very unusual design. I haven’t seen anywhere else. Flowers in the air is – like the hanging gardens of Babylon )))

  5. Parie Miss Joshi says:

    Oooh love this!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  6. Lucy Cole says:

    I know what you mean about organised places – I’m the same! I love the idea of green plants everywhere!xx

    Lucy x |

  7. Annabelle says:

    I love this trend! I’ve been buying so many plants (and desperately been trying to keep them all alive). It makes my room feel so much more fresh and springy!

    x Annabelle

  8. Laurali Star says:

    Love the nature vibe! Green is definitely one of my favorite colors! xo


    Laurali Star

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