5 TV landscapes you can visit in the UK

February 16, 2018 Lifestyle, Travel

I’ve always had a thing for gardens, nature and landscapes. Perhaps it was my countryside upbringing or my mother’s love of plants that have filtered down into my bloodstream. I made brilliant use of my National Trust Student Membership whilst it lasted and enjoy nothing more than discovering a new garden on a piece of the countryside no matter the weather. We’re blessed with a beautiful countryside just waiting to be explored and Suttons, garden lovers and retailers of vegetable seeds,Read More

Slow holidays – what are they and why should you try them?

February 11, 2018 Travel

Sometimes it seems as though we are living our lives in the fast lane, at 100mph, always eager to get onto the next thing, the next stage. I’ve found myself feeling like this, racing through education, onto college, into uni and it wasn’t until I graduated that I realised how I’d wished a quarter of my life away. Sometimes we need to take a step back and just slow down. One great way to do this is through slow holidays.Read More

A day in Cambridge

February 5, 2018 Lifestyle, Travel

Cambridge is a beautiful city famous for not only the historical Cambridge University but its museums and winding river. I’ve visited the city on a few occasions for educational purposes but hadn’t had a chance to truly explore at my own pace. To soak up the feeling of the city, watch the punters float by and appreciate its historical beauty. Living in London makes a day trip all too achievable, with a return Sunday ticket coming in at £11.40 withRead More

Travelling the world in a live-in van – the plan

January 29, 2018 Travel
Live in van - the dream

*Sponsored post I’ve always had this urge to just pack up and go live in the wild, sleeping out of the back of a van, driving to new destinations and seeing more of the world. For so long it had just been an urge, something that always seemed so out of reach. I had people tell me that I couldn’t do it. That I’d hate it because I liked to be clean and tidy and that it was too lateRead More

Travelling the world – does it really come down to money?

November 27, 2017 Travel
Group holiday Madrid Spain

I’ve always wanted to travel. It’s like this niggling feeling deep in my stomach that gets excited at the thought of stepping off a plane in a new country or exploring a new culture. It’s something I know I want to do one day but have always come back to the same roadblock. Money. There are plenty of people out there who manage to travel on seemingly nothing. Either taking out loans secured against their own assets, working whilst travelling orRead More

A quick European holiday accommodation guide

November 17, 2017 Travel

When travelling there are lots of things to consider. Your flights, transfers, train tickets, the language, the food, the culture and of course the accommodation. I’ve really only travelled in Europe, so this quick guide will be centred around your accommodation options in this diverse continent. Villas In the warmer countries like France, Spain and Greece, which have a distinctively Mediterranean feel, Villas are one of the most popular and common forms of accommodation for locals and tourists alike. ARead More

The places you should visit in London – from a Londoner

October 31, 2017 Travel

Ok, ok so I’ve only really lived in London for 4 years so perhaps I’m stretching things by calling myself a Londoner however, I still feel that I have that little bit of extra London Knowledge that can help you to have a fabulous weekend away here. London is an amazing city and millions of people choose to come here every single year; to shop, to dine, to see the history and glimpse the future. What will your visit bring? HereRead More

Dreaming of becoming a digital nomad – the lowdown

October 27, 2017 Lifestyle, Travel

The world is evolving, and digital technology is unquestionably at the heart of these progressions. This has opened up a whole realm of new working opportunities for the modern generation, my generation, not to mention the generations to come. With the introduction of ever smarter technologies and travel becoming more widely accessible I am just one of many who’d love to combine the two and become a digital nomad. Digital nomad, have you come across the term? If you’re aRead More

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