How to make your bedroom your own when renting

June 22, 2018 Lifestyle
Decorating a rented apartment

There are many positives to renting your home, but also a fair few negatives. One of which is the inability to put your own stamp on a place without violating your tenancy agreement and risking losing your hefty deposit. How is one supposed to create their perfect peaceful summer bedroom without making any alterations to the walls, carpets and in some cases furniture? Let me help. The first thing to consider is your tenancy agreement. Read this carefully as itRead More

Pairfum – Natural, Organic Body Wash and Lotion – A Review

June 3, 2018 Review
Pairfum Organic body wash/lotion

Back in January, I made three new-years resolutions and I’m proud to say I’ve stuck to two of them (the first one has been a bit harder than I thought with a job in social media!). Eating the rainbow has been an easy recipe to follow and I enjoy nothing more than creating recipes with an abundance of colours knowing that they’re also full of an abundance of micro-nutrients. As a result of my new found love for plants andRead More

Cafe Chilli, Hove – A Review

June 1, 2018 Review
The chilli cafe Brighton Hove review

It’s Friday night and I’m in the mood for Thai. Thai is one of my favourite cuisines when done well, sweet, spicy, salty and sour all in one mouthful, savoury yet sweet, moreish and delicious. Moving to Brighton & Hove has opened up a whole new world of dining possibilities, a new city to discover and new restaurants to try. I have to re-discover all my favourites, my go-to Saturday night takeaways and my creature comforts. It’s exciting. So thisRead More

Beef & Brew- Kentish Town – A review

May 16, 2018 Review
Beef and brew

An absurdly short walk from Kentish Town Station Beef & Brew was our restaurant of choice for a meal before a gig at The Kentish Town Forum. A quick look on the internet showed promising reviews and the carnivore in me couldn’t resist the lure of a hearty steak before a night out. As a small restaurant, there was limited seating and it came as no surprise that we needed to wait about 20 minutes for a table. We hopped acrossRead More

The Gin Tub, Brighton – A Review

May 7, 2018 Review
The Gin Tub Review

As my tipple of choice, I’m all for the recent revival of gin and love seeing it take pride of place on cocktail menus and supermarket shelves. Last week whilst down in Brighton I stumbled across The Gin Tub, an eclectic looking bar on Church Road. With it being past midday, and having just made a decision on my new apartment, it felt like the right place to stop and have a celebratory drink (or 4). With eccentric and vibrantRead More

Purezza – Plant Based Pizza in Brighton – A Review

May 5, 2018 Review
Purezza Plant based pizza review

I’ll start this review by simply saying Purezza is a haven for vegans, those trying to eat more plant-based or follow a gluten-free diet or dairy-free diet. Everything on the menu is 100% vegan and most options have a gluten-free alternative. I struggled to contain my excitement, checking the website several times, not quite believing that I could get a 4 cheese pizza, garlic bread and macaroni cheese all dairy-free and completely plant-based. We arrived shortly after midday on Sunday, aRead More

Festival camping for those who like a little luxury

April 28, 2018 Lifestyle, Travel

I’ll confess, I don’t enjoy camping. Not because I fear the outdoors or getting my hands a little dirty but because a good nights sleep is so important to me and past camping experiences have left me with a crooked back and cranky hangover. People approach festivals in two very different ways, which I think myself and a friend of mine sum up pretty well. N would buy the cheapest tent from Tesco and use his rucksack as a pillow, fallingRead More

The Vaccines – Alexandra Palace 2018 – A review

April 15, 2018 Favourites, Review
The Vaccines 2018

A hoarse throat and a slightly tender head, the telltale signs of a fantastic evening singing away at the top of your lungs to song after song by your favourite band. As the final performance of the Vaccines tour supported by Dream Wife and Whenyoung, it was bound to be an energetic and electric show. I’ve been a fan of the Vaccines from their very beginning and it only took a single note signalling the start of Wetsuit to send theRead More


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