‘Fall in love with taking care of yourself: Mind, Body and Spirit’

Arbonne Detox and Renew

What makes you feel good? Is it freshly painted nails? Fresh bedding? A large glass of your favourite wine? Or a combination of all three? The thing about what makes YOU feel good, is that it isn’t something I can teach you. I can’t tell you what makes you feel good, but I can tell you what makes ME feel good, and if you’re still finding out what it is that makes you feel like you’re taking care of you,Read More

My morning drink for de-bloating

My stomach and I have never really been friends. With a gluten and dairy intolerance and unpredictable IBS I seem to spend most of my life bloated and with some sort of discomfort. The few mornings that I wake up with a flat, non-distended stomach, feel like a blessing and I’m slowly finding ways to ensure that they come around a little more often. My most recent discovery is the benefit of drinking a warm brew of ginger and TurmericRead More

Primark and Tiger homeware haul!

August 14, 2017 Lifestyle
Homeware haul Primark And tiger

Ok, I’ll admit it, I used to be a bit judgemental of Primark. Obviously, it was all awful quality, trashy and so not my style, but over the years I’ve developed a new appreciation for the brand and have found some amazing pieces of clothing, jewellery and homeware that have lasted the test of time, and gained me a few compliments. Of course, for every hit, there’s also a miss in Primark, but it’s not too difficult to filter outRead More

Is your car trying to tell you something?

August 9, 2017 Lifestyle
Use your senses know your car

I’ll confess, I like cars. I may not be a full blown petrol head but I certainly appreciate the roar of an engine and that feeling of pure adrenaline that races through your body when you’re having a really good drive. I’ve been driving for a little under five years now and in that time have become very in tune with my vehicle, I can smell, feel, sense when something isn’t right, when my car isn’t performing its best andRead More

How to live gluten and dairy free – on a budget

July 31, 2017 Lifestyle
Budget Cooking Gluten Free FreeFrom

The standing joke amongst students is leaving home and realising how expensive cheese is. Well, imagine leaving home and also finding that bread, pasta, oats, milk and butter were also going to be breaking your budget every week.     Living free-from for choice, health or necessity comes with a price tag. When thinking of budget meals, pasta, oats, beans on toast all flood to mind. But now imagine that your loaf of bread costs £3 and is also halfRead More

How to land a job straight out of uni

July 28, 2017 Lifestyle
Land a Job straight out of uni

You’re approaching the end of your time at university, the care-free clock is ticking away and you’re all too aware that very shortly it’s just you and the big wide world without education to fall back on. Throughout our lives, we are told that having a degree makes you more employable, and it does, however, there are now so many people leaving university with degrees that the job market is pretty saturated. So what can you do to help yourselfRead More

Niche Gluten Free Dining in London – A Review

July 24, 2017 Lifestyle, Review
Niche London Gluten Free

When I found out that I had an intolerance to gluten and an allergy to dairy, my restaurant options dropped to a measly handful. Of those remaining, I got used to having plain side dishes, and a very limited selection of menu options, as well as the ‘oh a fussy one’ look from waiters. When I moved to London a whole new world of dining opened up to me, restaurants knew what gluten was, they had menus with allergens printedRead More

6 things to do when planning a road trip to keep you safe!

July 19, 2017 Lifestyle, Travel

In the five years that I’ve been driving it’s safe to say that I’ve been on my fair share of road trips. With family that live up North and us living about as South as you can go, we make fairly regular trips up the country. Through our own mistakes and experiences, I’ve put together my 6 tips for planning a successful road trip, including the importance of having an up to date MOT/service and things to avoid such asRead More

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