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This one’s for the ladies – lets talk female health

November 20, 2017 Health and Fitness, Lifestyle

It’s no secret that men and women have very different bodies. It would, therefore, be fullish to assume we could take care of them in exactly the same way. Of course, the fundamentals are the same, diet, exercise, mental health but there are some subtle differences that can’t be ignored. Like uterus’.   Contraception Looking after your body naturally includes looking after your sexual health. There’s no shame in talking about it. It’s your body and yours to protect. ItRead More

Staying healthy whilst working a 9-5

November 20, 2017 Health and Fitness, Lifestyle

Since starting a full-time job staying healthy has kind of taken a seat on the back burner. I completely took for granted the little gym in my student accommodation and didn’t realise how good I had it with 10 hours of lectures a week and a decent student budget. Now things have changed and I’ve noticed some of my healthy habits start to slip. Here are my 5 top tips to regaining control of your health when work has become yourRead More

Keeping yourself well this winter

November 15, 2017 Health and Fitness, Lifestyle

The days of pumpkin spice lattes and other obnoxiously sweet syrups are upon us. I, like anyone, love a few sweet treats this time of year, especially when the advent calendars start and there seems to be a something delicious at every corner. Staying well in the winter months needn’t be difficult and at large is centred around what you’re eating. Stay full and fuel your body with hearty meals full of vitamins and nutrients, but most importantly flavour!   MakingRead More

My immunity boosting morning routine

November 3, 2017 Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, Recipe

It’s getting to that time of year where everyone has a cough or a cold. I stand on the tube in the morning trying to ignore the fact I am in a germ-ridden tin can. I’ve been incorporating these three superfoods into my morning routine for well over 3 months now and have seen my body develop what appears to be more of a resistance to the illnesses that are currently plaguing my office. Don’t get me wrong, they haven’tRead More

The fitness benefits of improving your range of motion

October 13, 2017 Health and Fitness

Your range of motion is basically a term referring to how well you can move a particular part of your body. For example, if you have a good range of motion in your shoulders, you’ll be able to fully extend them above your head and externally/internally rotate them too.   If you want to achieve your fitness goals, you need to focus on improving your range of motion. Why? Because it will benefit you in multiple ways. For one, increasedRead More

Does your immune system hold the key to your illnesses?

September 26, 2017 Health and Fitness

The one thing we don’t often think about when trying to get better is to treat the source of the illness; instead, we tend to treat the symptoms . Does it not seem obvious to treat the underlying cause? Additionally, we don’t consider the effect our immune system can have on our overall health, from our skin to our tolerance of certain foods, or even our moods! So what can we do to improve our immune system? Have a lookRead More

‘Fall in love with taking care of yourself: Mind, Body and Spirit’

Arbonne Detox and Renew

What makes you feel good? Is it freshly painted nails? Fresh bedding? A large glass of your favourite wine? Or a combination of all three? The thing about what makes YOU feel good, is that it isn’t something I can teach you. I can’t tell you what makes you feel good, but I can tell you what makes ME feel good, and if you’re still finding out what it is that makes you feel like you’re taking care of you,Read More

My morning drink for de-bloating

My stomach and I have never really been friends. With a gluten and dairy intolerance and unpredictable IBS I seem to spend most of my life bloated and with some sort of discomfort. The few mornings that I wake up with a flat, non-distended stomach, feel like a blessing and I’m slowly finding ways to ensure that they come around a little more often. My most recent discovery is the benefit of drinking a warm brew of ginger and TurmericRead More

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